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MediaWidget | Easy iPod Transfer Description

MediaWidget is an easy to use iPod transfer utility designed to help you get your iPod contents off of any iPod and back into iTunes. And, unlike many other competing products, we can help you put content from your computer back onto any iPod. This allows you to share your iPod music, photos, videos.

MediaWidget Key Features

Copy iPod to iTunes – Copy iPod to Computer:
Quickly and easily copy your iPod playlists, ratings, and more directly to iTunes.
Transfer iPod to iTunes – Transfer iPod to Computer:
Move your music and video seamlessly between computers and iPods.
Play iPod:
No need to copy music back to your PC to play it.
Share iPod:
Easily share music and movies with your friends.
One iPod – Multiple PCs:
Ever wanted to use your iPod with more than one computer? Maybe you have music at work and at home, or you have a laptop computer and a desktop computer.
iPod Backup – iPod Restore:
Backup all of your iPod content to your PC, including music, photos, videos, Podcasts, playlists, games, song data, and any other file on your iPod.
iPod Recover – iPod Rescue – iPod Undelete:
Ever had stuff mysteriously disappear from your iPod? Did an iTunes sync accidentally wipe your iPod clean? In a single step, you can rescue your iPod.

MediaWidget Review

MediaWidget is a handy tool worth having especially for iPod owners that care about the safety of their music collections or that want a really easy and fast method to transfer data between their iPod and the PC.

MediaWidget – Easy iPod Transfer is quite simple to use. It features a well-structured interface with different areas for music, videos, photos and podcasts. There are also filters to display the content according to diverse criteria, as well as a built-in player to play any selected tracks.

MediaWidget is a handy backup solution that can also help you protect the contents of your iPod or of your iTunes library in case of any crash or malfunction.

Neat and simple interface.
Supports a large variety of iPods.
includes a handy player.

Rather mediocre transfer speed.

MediaWidget | Easy iPod Transfer Sceenshot

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