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metaio Creator Description

metaio Creator is a very easy to use Augmented Reality authoring tool that allows the creation of Augmented Reality scenarios with different tracking/detection technologies, different content and the deployment to different platforms.

In contrast to existing tools, data import the configuration and the deployment is made easy. Create your AR scenario once and deploy to multiple platforms. At the moment the following deployment platforms are supported:

junaio. You can even deploy to junaio without having to host your own server
junaio plugin
metaio Mobile SDK (only tracking configurations can be created at the moment)
And there are more platforms to come in the future, like metaio Web SDK and PC SDK.

metaio Creator Key Features

The following gives a rough overview of the core features:

Supported content types:
3D content: .obj and .md2
2D image content: .jpg, .png, .bmp, .bpm, .ppm, .gif
2D video content: .mp4, .avi, .mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .wmv, .3g2, asf, flv
Audio content: .mp3
Websites (URLs)
Instant preview of any loaded content
Automatic content conversion of your input content to the desired format. E.g. in terms of video file input it converts the files to the best target format, resolution and CODEC. You will also get an

Supported tracking/detection technologies:
Image tracking/markerless 2D object tracking (also known as planar markerless tracking)
Markerless 3D object tracking with seamless integration with the metaio Creator Mobile app for Android and iOS devices that creates 3D tracking maps of any 3D object
Image detection (also known as client-based visual search)
Automatic tracking evaluation and optimization saving you a lot of time in estimating and trying this manually

Scenario creation:
Starting fullscreen (streamed) videos if a certain image is being detected
Showing/playing any content (2D, 3D, video, sound) in AR mode using any of the supported tracking technologies
Starting, stopping, looping animations, videos, sounds
Moving, rotating, scaling any content (2D, 3D, video)
Automatic content adjustment to tracking object, i.e. your content will be automatically scaled and moved as far as possible to be visible in AR mode on the tracking object
Instant scenario preview

Easy junaio deployment which does not require your own server.
Expert junaio deployment to your own junaio channel server (via FTP) with the possibility to later extend and edit the created channel
Export of tracking configuration files (for usage e.g. in metaio Mobile SDK)

metaio Creator Sceenshot

metaio Creator Screenshot