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metaio Unifeye Design Description

metaio Design is a specifically developed software tool dedicated to creative minds and designers, making it possible to design and implement customized augmented reality concepts and scenarios, according to the individual marketing strategy.

In this context, the term augmented reality bears the functionality that any arbitrary multimedia object (3D animation / video / sound / photo / text) in a real image source (photo / video / live camera) can be connected with an optical reference (marker / print ad). At this, the virtual object is constantly linked to the reference. Hence it can be displayed and controlled perspectively correct to the real environment.

metaio Unifeye Design Key Features

Unifeye Design offers the technology and a vast variety of ways to adapt and design this basic scenario according to one’s own wishes and ideas:

Ready-to-use Authoring Interface
In order to create your augmented reality presentation no programming skills are necessary. All authoring and configuration of your scenario can be done step by step using the professional interface and toolsets of Unifeye Design.
Advanced image recognition technology built-in
Unifeye Design features an advanced texture tracking mode – most relevant to apply AR to any standard image/print – as well as a more precise marker tracking mode to cover larger tracking volumes in still images.
Flexible scripting of animations and scenario logics
Unifeye Design includes a powerful ‘workflow engine’ that lets you connect ‘actions’ via drag & drop in order to build your specific scenario workflow.
Real-time Rendering Engine
Allows to display your 3D and animations in live-video streams at full frame rate even on standard PC systems
Standard .wrl 3D file format
Allows to import your content from almost any 3D tool. You can also use video textures in .avi and audio in .wav/mp3

metaio Unifeye Design Sceenshot

metaio Unifeye Design Screenshot