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MobiEspion Description

MobiEspion” is a cost effective and power full mobile monitoring and tracking application for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smart phones that allows you to remotely monitor all your mobile activities. It can be used as cell phone spy and monitoring software you just need to install it on the target phone you want to spy on and MobiEspion mobile phone monitoring, tracking and spying software will do rest for you. Its easy to install, installation can be done in five minutes. Once installed in target phone than it allows you to monitor all ell phone activities and act as cell phone surveillance software for you. It allows you to Track Geo Location of a cell phone, monitor and view Call Logs, Text Messages, Photos, Appointments and much more. The features which make MobiEspion stand out in the market are Multiple Platform Support, Unlimited Device Switch, Listen Live Surrounding, Remote Control SMS Command and Remote Monitoring. iPhone spy software, Android spy software and BlackBerry spy software just in $70 per year also makes it economical and well within your budget.

MobiEspion Key Features

MobiEspion provides private but professional ways to monitor the activities of a mobile phone. It comes with a lot of features that cater the needs of people of every walk of life. Whether you are a businessman, an employee or a parent, you would find MobiEspion useful.

Call Log
View all incoming and outgoing calls along with time and duration of target phone.

Read every sent and received text messages along with contents of target Phone.

View all contacts saved in under surveillance mobile phone.

View all appointments saved in target mobile phone.

View all photos taken from the phone and received via any source.

Geo Location
View the location of the cell phone and its user in real time.

Unlimited Device Switch
Use your license on multiple platform with ease.

Multiple Platform Support
Switch one license on multiple platform.

Remote Monitoring
All the Spied data can be viewed through an online MobiEspion Account.

Remote Control SMS Command
Send SMS commands remotely to perform multiple actions.

Listen Live Surrounding
Listen to target phone’s surroundings live.

MobiEspion Sceenshot

MobiEspion Screenshot