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Movavi Split Movie for Mac Description

Movavi Split Movie is application that lets you cut your favorite part of any video and export in its original format.

It is able to open files of different extensions such as AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, MPEG-TS (MTS), MOV, FLV, MPEG and H.264, and edit them without the need for prior or subsequent conversion.

That is, if you need to take a part of a video, but without compromising on quality, you can use this application to do that in just a few seconds. Choose the start and end point of the cut and enable the changes. You can also cut some parts out, to join two or more sections in a very simple system of linear editing.

You can open multiple videos into a single timeline, joining them and cutting the unnecessary parts. Each section taken results in a new section, which is shown on the right side of the window for you to manage separately each part of the final video. It has no transition effects, however, fully working with direct cuts and joints.

Movavi Split Movie for Mac Key Features

Split video without re-encoding
Mark the best parts and separate them out
Split selected scenes and merge them together
Trim your movies within a few seconds

Movavi Split Movie for Mac Review

Movavi Split Movie is an interesting application for those who need a simple editor for the Mac. His greatest quality is that it allows the opening of any kind of video file, it is not necessary to convert the document above.

Export in its original format
If you need only make a single cut in the file, this option is sensational, as professional programs like Final Cut and Premiere to have limitations of supported formats and can be quite complex to open and create a design just for something simple. Movavi Split Movie is easy and automatically detects video settings to use when exporting.

That is, if you do not have much technical knowledge in formats and video codecs, but wants to export a material exactly the same size of the original, you can use this application to do this. Just as it does not require conversion before he lets you render and save the results in the same format, which makes it much more practical program.

Single cuts without transition
This program is not a complete video editor for those who want to create a new full material effects and cuts. It is a simple tool that serves just to take unnecessary parts and join several parts, but without many advanced options. That is, if you will edit a short or even a vlog, you better look for a more comprehensive approach, like Premiere, or something as simple as the Norrkross.

It also does not have transitions, with a program only for dry and direct joints cuts. Still, it pays to be tested, since it really keeps the same proportions, shape and size of the original video without you having to worry about advanced settings.

Open any type of video file
Exports in the original format easily
Simple cuts and joints

Only linear editing

Movavi Split Movie for Mac Sceenshot

Movavi Split Movie