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Movavi 3D Video Converter Personal Description




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Movavi Video Converter 3D is a video program that converts any type of recording 2D to the third dimension. With it you can transform home videos and any 2D movie to 3D with ease.

3D movies again surfaced mainly driven by the overwhelming success of Avatar. Ali has created a new milestone and 3D, which has had success in the past, came back with great force. But take advantage of this technology is can cost high, as prices of televisions, camcorders and 3D products are still very expensive.

Instead of making a hole in your budget by purchasing these products, you can use Movavi Video Converter 3D and turn your videos into 2D for stunning 3D without spending much. It converts movies from various formats (MPEG, Windows Media, Quicktime, and AVI to 3GP and MP4). That way you save and get high quality movies 3D.

Movavi 3D Video Converter Key Features

Automatic conversion from 2D to 3D
Instant preview of 3D production
Ready for HD videos
Support for 3D glasses, shutter glasses (a kind of 3D glasses with two lenses which are actually two screens LDC), and anaglyph 3D glasses (the one with the colors pink and blue, old)
Support for 3D TVs, NVIDIA 3D Vision Glasses Kit (which transforms images and videos from 2D to 3D games) and TV sets with a frequency of 120 Hz
Comes with predefined settings for various devices and internet (iPad, YouTube, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, etc).
Processing batch files.
Brightness adjusted automatically.
Effect adjustment in depth and 3D displacement.
Acceleration in Intel Core CPU.
GPU acceleration with NVIDIA CUDA (only in coding).

Movavi 3D Video Converter Review

Movavi Video Converter 3D turns a video from 2D to 3D as if it were a joke. The screen of the program is very intuitive, with the arrangement of the elements very well distributed. You find all the options and menus easily. Thus, it is extremely pleasant to work with the program.

Thus, anyone can use Movavi Video Converter 3D without mastering complex editing tools. It only takes a few clicks and the video will be converted. It is very practical at this point, since it allows to make small adjustments quickly.

But what is an advantage (ease of use) also ends up being a disadvantage. The program does not support more detailed settings, cut scenes, add filters and calibrate the colors.

Easy-to-use interface.
Supports batch processing.
Supports many input/output multimedia formats.
Comes with many output file configurations.

Crashed several times.

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Movavi 3D Video Converter