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muvee Reveal Finale Description




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Create presentations and animations with photos and videos is an attractive way to share images and movies. And Muvee Reveal is a program that takes this type of presentation to another level, with videos produced, edited, effects and trails that make photographic records and much more personal video.

It can be said that the muvee Reveal automatically edits videos, photos and music to make them just the way you want. Captions, transition effects, soundtrack and narration are just some of the attractions that your presentation can have without the need for advanced knowledge in video editing. The editing tools include automatic brightness adjustment, color correction, image rotation, red-eye reduction, focus directed to specific details and image sequence.

The transfer of high-definition AVCHD and HDV cameras type of files is easy, and it takes their creations to a higher level of quality with high definition material. The video resolution may be 1280×720 or 1920×1080 pixels. Be video camera, cell phone or camera, the file transfer is not always easy.

muvee Reveal Finale Key Features

Easy user interface with professional effects, transitions, and hand-selected music already integrated into amazing Styles.
New feature: Segment your muvee to highlight different Chapters in your story.
Includes Style customization, photo enhancements, Cinematic Trailers, Text animation, Intertitles, and even music trimming.
Highlight video clips with magicMoments. Zoom in on photos with magicSpot.
Collaborative saving and editing for multiple creators.

muvee Reveal Finale Review

The Muvee Reveal is not an advanced editor. The goal of the program is to meet the type of user who wants practicality without advanced knowledge in video editing. Therefore, almost all the features of this editor are mastigadinhos, something that can bother enthusiasts and advanced users.

When we say mastigadinho is well even mastigadinho. So much so that very little thing that is automatically applied can be improved, for example styles. Applies a style and a few modifications can be it from there.

That user who wants to do something different with photos and videos without ever having played with an editor program can try this option. Already you who have some experience, do not be tempted, this editor may be too simple.

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muvee Reveal Finale