Net Orbit (1-5 Computers)

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Net Orbit (1-5 Computers) Description




Net Orbit (1-5 Computers) $249.97 Only $162.48 Get It Now!
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If you suspect mistreatment network by an employee or student, increases productivity by monitoring the entire network. View the employee or student screens simultaneously. Locate individuals visually problem easily. Send a message to users, lock your PC or take full control with your mouse and keyboard.

Net Orbit is a complete and reliable solution software worth having when you need to monitor and track file activity, keystrokes, web sites visited, and chat conversations.

This tool can be deployed throughout your network from your workstation. After installation, you will be able to perform tasks of monitoring and control of the user. These tasks allow you to supervise your users to make sure they are under control. When you see a problem user, you have an easy way to lock your PC, print their screen, chat with him or take full control of your workstation.

Net Orbit allows you to watch up to 100 network user screens Live on your screen. View thumbnails capable of automatically updating each screen. View any desktop live full screen mode. It also features archiving snapshots for later playback when needed. It has never been easier to monitor a classroom or workforce all at once.

As a teacher or administrator sometimes you need to perform administrative tasks on each PC. If you need all your attention, blocking all workstations instantly. When finished, unlock all with one click. This is only one of many admin commands which also includes Net Orbits off or reboot PC and more.

The remote control commands include the ability to take full control of a PC network. View screen workstations in real time and use the mouse and keyboard to control workstation. View the remote screen in one of three modes. It also includes a low quality mode for faster update.

This tool includes other features such as Remote Task Manager, which functions similarly to the Task Manager in Windows. If necessary, you can chat with a user or share files with File Manager included.

Net Orbit Key Features

Live monitoring:
Simultaneous live monitoring screens
Live monitoring of a single screen
View a list of events as they happen on any computer on the network. Capture IE cookies, history URLs of IE and Windows run history
View all open ports on a workstation to catch all outgoing Internet connections unauthorized
View a list of recent documents opened by the user

Online Monitoring:
Record applications running
Record a list of all web sites visited by users in Internet Explorer or Firefox for later viewing
Add entire chat conversations in instant messaging software
See what files and applications opened and used

Administrative Tools:
Make a slide show on the monitors of all employees for training, seminars and other objects
Send a command to run remotely on any computer screensaver
Remotely Deletes all files in the Recycle Bin
View full list of processes that are executed on the remote PC and put an end to any process

Content filtering:
Create blacklists of websites to block and / or white lists to allow websites
Block Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and / or Orkut

Additional Features:
Launch a chat screen to any computer for immediate help one to one
Easily distributes files to one, some or all machines across the Net Orbit interface

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Net Orbit