Net Spy Pro (1-5 Computers)

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Net Spy Pro (1-5 Computers) Description

Are your employees wasting time? Now you can monitor the entire network! Net Spy Pro is a simple program placed on each computer of your Windows or Mac network. After installation, you will be able to see everything your employees do on their workstations.

View multiple screens in real time, log activities and completely control any user’s PC – all from YOUR OWN workstation! The software allows you to know which users are the problem by showing you actual proof of what they do. Take action and watch your productivity soar.

Net Spy Pro Key Features
Net Spy Pro network monitoring software gives a supervisor or administrator the tools they need to monitor and filter employee or student PC activity. Net Spy Pro also boasts unique remote control tools including the ability to FULLY control and use any PC all from the comfort of the admin’s own workstation.

Net Spy Pro runs in total stealth and is hidden within the Application Task List in Task Manager. No icons or other traces of the software will be displayed on the desktop or start menu. The network administrator can connect and monitor any machine in total stealth.

Live Monitoring
Net Spy Pro allows the administrator to view an actual screenshot of one, some or all workstations instantly!
Net Spy Pro allows the administrator to view keystrokes as they are typed for any user!
Net Spy Pro allows the administrator to view an actual real time screenshot of a workstation instantly!
Net Spy Pro will show the administrator a full list of processes and services running on the remote machine.
Net Spy Pro can show the administrator a list of the favorites on a user’s Internet Explorer Browser.
Net Spy Pro will show you a list of all files in the temporary history (cache) of the Internet Explorer browser.
Net Spy Pro allows an administrator to view all open ports on a workstation.
Net Spy Pro will show the administrator a list of recent documents opened by a user.

Logged Monitoring
Net Spy Pro creates a list of web sites visited in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and other popular browsers.
Net Spy Pro records entire chat conversations in popular instant messaging software including Yahoo!
Net Spy Pro records all keystrokes typed by all users when they are logged in.
Net Spy Pro creates a list of applications that a user has executed and categorizes the results for easy navigation.
Net Spy Pro will record screenshots of all emails viewed while a user is logged in.
Net Spy Pro captures full-size screenshots of the entire screen at any interval you set.

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