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NoClone 2013 Enterprise Version Description

Reasonable NoClone 2013 is a program to find and remove duplicate files.

NoClone identifies files and directories that are duplicates on your computer. With the elimination of unnecessary duplicates, you can free up disk space and improve the operating speed of the machine.

You can choose between seeking items exactly the same or just similar. It is also possible to make comparisons between different folders, aiming to find similar files stored in both directories. In addition, this function displays detailing everything on these two sites, which facilitates the organization of items.

NoClone 2013 Enterprise Features and benefits

True byte-by-byte comparison, not CRC / MD5, totally accurate. No false duplicate files

Works with any file types
Search duplicate images of similar colours regardless of size, cropped and modified
Search duplicate files contents and similar files regardless of file name, file size and date
Search duplicate, video (avi, mpg), songs(mp3) , DLLs, Office documents(xls, doc, ppt, pub), pdf and any file types

Uncover duplicate folders
Find and remove duplicate folders

Powerful fuzzy match
Similar file search – sophisticated and efficient file similarity comparison function;

Discover duplicates
Find duplicate and similar files for file management, document management, digital forensics and plagiary detection

Smart Marker – filters duplicates by date, folder, file name, size, file name length
Mark all except one

Recover disk space / de-duplication
Delete to recycled bin; delete permanently; move to archive
Replace by NTFS link / shortcut (remain same path to access files)

Flexible search criteria
Multiple path search, exclude, search against master folders
Define your own duplicates: by file name, file size, contents, date

Mange file
Uncover different versions of master files
Ensure single instance

Duplicate Outlook emails
Find and remove duplicate emails

Search across network paths
Search over local area network (LAN)
Save search session / Export result to CSV, XLS, XML format

NoClone 2013 Enterprise Review

On startup, you can define if you want to look for duplicate files or messages. Then, you will be able to select the built -in search template you want to use (same-name, duplicate content, MP3…). Or you can define your own search template.

Then, you must set the folder where you want to look, and tell the program if you will like to look in subfolders too.

At last, you´ll have to define the name of the files you would like to search, using wildcards or not.

You can start the scan pressing the “Search” button.

NoClone will then show you a list with the info about every duplicate found. You can then mark the files you´ll like to erase, righ-click your mouse over them and choose the “Clear” command. If you want, you can open the folder where the file is located to make a decision.

You can also export the results to a file.

It´s a nice program to perform maintenance in your drives, removing unnecessary dupes.


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