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Novus Office Premium Description

Novus Office Premium is a package with many editing programs: Author, Mail, Spreadsheet, Database and PowerShow… With it, you can work on your office smoothly, as there are a wide range of supported file extensions – ie, edit documents, create tables, manage databases, create slideshows and email.

The big difference with Novus Office to OpenOffice is the amount of programs in the Premium Package: Four programs are more for you to ensure the productivity of your office. In addition to the programs already mentioned, this package also features: PDF Editor, Backup, Calculator and Zip.

Comparisons with Microsoft Office

If you’re wondering about what the function of the Author, it can be said that it is the Word of Novus. There, you can edit your text in various ways , changing colors and fonts, as well as insert tables and schedule macros. However, the most significant feature present in this program and the other editors of the package, is the native document conversion to PDF files.

Likewise: Mail’d Outlook, the Spreadsheet, an Excel, the PowerShow a Powerpoint, and, Database, an Access. The least known of these is the last, because the average user has no use for him – after all, it serves to create databases, accessed automatically by servers in performing functions specified for certain events.

Novus Office Premium Review

Novus Office Premium has exactly the same interface and appearance to those present in OpenOffice, ie probably uses as a base. Therefore, there is virtually no difference between them, either to create or edit text presentations. This is not exactly bad, on the contrary, means it is an easy to use package and functional options.

However, the problem is the lack of innovation and the fact that there is a limit of 30 days to test the Novus Office – that is, to use, you need to pay for something that the developer does not seem to have had much work to “develop “. Nevertheless, there are four unique programs in the Premium package, not present in competing.

These software have interesting and useful functions to any user, but functionality not unlike those seen in free programs similar genre. Finally, the Novus Office Standard is a good option if you think Microsoft Office dearly and want the possibility of getting technical support if any problem (something that OpenOffice offers in your forum only through users of the package ).

Easy to use
Organized interface
Several applications

Looks like OpenOffice

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Novus Office Premium