Ocster Backup Pro 7

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Ocster Backup Pro 7 Description

Ocster Backup Pro is a backup program organized as a step by step wizard. We choose the backup type, files to preserve, the route and, with a click, the copy is made.

When making a copy, Ocster Backup Pro scans the disk for favorite mailboxes and calendars, files that are normally very hard to find by hand.

Among the advanced features of Ocster Backup Pro is the 256-bit AES encryption and file compression. The copy can be programmed to be periodic and send a report by mail.

Compared with other applications much more complex and difficult to manage, Ocster Backup Pro is an example of clarity and speed.

Ocster Backup Pro 7 Key Features

No technical knowledge required
Backup your whole PC with just a few clicks NEW
Automatic options for Outlook, Thunderbird, Internet Explorer, Firefox, …

In the background
Fully automatic backups
Automatic Pausing: never disturbs your normal work
Backup reports summarize backups

Versioning: keeps multiple versions of your files
Protect your backup with a password (encryption) 1
Storage in ultra safe Ocster Secure Storage (optional) 1
Rescue-CD for emergencies 2 NEW
Fast and Small

Only stores changes since last backup (incremental)
Compression saves backup space

Flexible Storage
Hard disk
Network drive
Ocster’s data center 1 (Ocster Secure Storage)

Flexible Format
Standard VMDK file format for Full-PC Backup
Ocster archive format
Full manual control with 1:1 file copy

Ocster Backup Pro 7 Review

Ocster Backup is an efficient utility that allows you to create backup copies of your files and folders. It also integrates security features in order to protect your data. The Ocster Backup application was created with the main purpose to simplify the backup process.

In order to do so, the program is able to automatically backup your files saving a lot of precious time for you.

The Ocster Backup can be set up to display backup reports after the backup process is finished. The program is able to encrypt files and protect them with passwords. Also, the backups are compressed efficiently in order to save disk space. Different compression types are available.

The Ocster Back Pro application can satisfy every user needs when it comes to backing up files.

Highly customizable back-up plans
Fast back-up process


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