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Office to FlipBook Professional Description

Office to FlipBook Professional is flexible software to convert PDF, Office Documents (.docx;.pptx;.rtf;.txt) and OpenOffice (*.odt;*.odp;*.ods;*.odg;*.odb) to stunning page-flipping eBooks. The program can be used for all levels of users without any programming knowledge needed. It will perfectly integrate your Office pages with life-like page turning effect into a new look eBook to be published, emailed, stored as standalone EXE format or even with burned to CD.

With using Office to FlipBook Pro, you can build your style eBooks using the dozens of preset templates and adjust more than 50 kinds of settings yourself. You are able to use your favorite background images, sounds, titles, exe logos, you can control book size, font, font and tool bar buttons, you can even choose a hard or soft cover, right to left flipping and auto flipping to present your DOCs in an interactive way.

After designing style for your page-flipping eBooks, you can choose a proper way to output: “HTML” is for publishing online, “ZIP” can be much easier for emailing, “EXE” is an intergraded format for quickly viewing, “Burn to CD” to output your digital books directly on CD-ROM.

Office to FlipBook Professional Key Features

Convert PDF and Office Documents (.docx;.pptx;.rtf;.txt) to page-flipping eBooks.
Convert OpenOffice (*.odt;*.odp;*.ods;*.odg;*.odb) to page-flipping eBooks.
Output in 4 different formats: HTML, EXE, Zip and Burn to CD.
HTML allows you to upload to a website to be viewed online.
EXE and Zip allow you to send to your user by email to be viewed on their computer.
Burn to CD allows you to burn to disk so you can send out with physical media.
Make a Mobile Version at the same time.
Define your language for flash.
Preview the output effect instantly.
Provide multiple templates (default provided or download from website).
Select render engine to output higher quality page-flipping ebook.
Define mobile version quality.
Import bookmarks (outline) with Office, and edit them manually.
Import text so that text is searchable, define the minimum search characters.
Set eBook size, choose landscape or portrait.
Add password to protect your page-flipping eBook.
Define titles, keywords and other metadata.
Add Google Analytics Support.
Define titles, icon, window size for EXE page-flipping eBooks.
Define eBook margin size.
Insert background music either for continuous play (loop) or for a set duration.
Set background color and image.
Set eBook reading from right to left (for Right-to-Left languages such as Arabic).
Choose hard cover for eBooks.
Set page-flipping to manual or automatic.
Set permissions for downloading, printing, sharing, Home button and more.
Set colors and position (Top/Bottom) for toolbar.
Set scale for zoom-in function.
Set control bars to “show” or “hide” in full screen.
Set the bookmark panel to show on left or right side.
Set links to open in same or new window.
Save and Load your project.
Export and save settings for future use.

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