OLSOFT Neural Network Library

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OLSOFT Neural Network Library Description

OLSOFT Neural Network Library is a fully self-contained COM ActiveX control written in Visual C++ 6.0 and ATL. There are no external requirements for its operation such as other DLLs. The DLL file (NN_LIB_COM6.DLL) can be found in the “C:\PROGRAM FILES\OLSOFT\NNLib” directory, if you installed Neural Network Library in the default location.

OLSOFT Neural Network Library is the class to create, learn and use Back Propagation neural networks and SOFM (Self-Organizing Feature Map). The library makes integration of neural networks functionality into your own applications easy and seamless. It enables your programs to handle data analysis, classification and forecasting needs.

The advanced learning and training capacities of OLSOFT Neural Network library allows using it for solving various needs and performing data mining, clusterization tasks in a variety of fields, such as finance, science, education, medicine, sport betting, etc. OLSOFT Neural Network library is a proven technology tool that is implemented in NeuroXL products, namely NeuroXL Classifier and NeuroXL Predictor products.

This library is originaly intended for the implementation in Visual Basic 6 (VB6) and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), for instance. Microsoft Office. But as soon as the library is a COM component, it can be used in any application written in any programming language. Please note that all data types in this documentation are specific to Visual Basic 6 and VBA. For Visual Basic.NET some data types will differ. See examples section in this documentation to find out how library can be used.

Main features of OLSOFT Neural Network Library:

Written as a COM object that may be used inside any application
Library is fast because it is written in C++
Supports multilayer artificial networks (Back Propagation and SOFM)
Forward Propagation Network with user defined synapses (use of “offset input” is supported)
Back Propagation Network training with adjustable training parameters
SOFM network support (Euclid distance and Scalar Vector Multiplication algorythm)
Several different activation functions implemented (zero-threshold, hyperbolic tangens, exponent sigmoid)
It is possible to save the network to a text file and restore later for use or further training
Direct and simple use in VB6 and VBA applications (see examples)
Use in any programming language as a generic COM component

OLSOFT Neural Network Library Sceenshot

OLSOFT Neural Network Library