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One4All Trading Tool Description

One4All Trading Tool will help you trades in the best conditions, without any rule restrictions, dramatically lowering the number of trades open, anonymizing your strategies and reducing the spreads/commissions paid to your broker!

One4All is a trading tool that has been developed with the NFA rules in mind, but is actually so useful that should be used by every trader wanting to make real money with manual and automatic trading systems.

One4All Trading Tool Key Features
Complete compliance with NFA FIFO/No-Hedging rules, yet supporting any number (and mix) of EAs and manual strategies!
Dramatic reduction in the number of trades opened which reduces spreads and commissions paid to the broker.
Separation of environments so you can easy monitor the performance of each EA / system individually and avoid unwanted interference between them – run each EA on its own platform / demo account if you want.
Balancing of trading systems in your portfolio. You can set a “multiplier” for the size to open orders which means you can decrease the size of orders opened by a losing EA / trading strategy and increase the sizes of winning ones.
“Suspend” an EA. You can still allow individual EAs to run on your demo account(s) but, if you decide that the market conditions are not good for them to trade live (for example: during summer or holidays) then you can prevent those trades from being replicated to the master account. Perfect if you want to do “equity trading”.
Hide EAs from your broker. One4All completely “anonymizes” EAs by removing all trade comments and magic numbers during the aggregation process. No more dirty tricks from brokers!
Flexible filtering: you can filter trades based on currency pair, magic number or comment.
Fast execution time: usually under 1 second but depends on the number of clients and open orders.
Easy installation and configuration: it REALLY takes just a few minutes to install and setup.
Already tested on tens of US and non-US brokers, such as: Alpari US, ATC Brokers, FX Solutions, (Gain Capital), FXDD, IBFX US, MB Trading, GFT, DirectFX, FXCM AU, Go Markets, IBFX AU, Pepperstone, ActivTrades, Alpari UK, FXCM UK, FxPro, Gallant Capital Markets, IamFX and MIG Bank.

One4All Trading Tool Software Review
“When I first read your blog entry about One4all, I was expecting some complicated software, but actually, it’s easy to use and understand, and the system looks really nice. I like software you can run with minimum additional settings that just works as required, which is exactly what One4all offers.”

“It will save me a lot of time. I am not using a US-based broker so I do not care about FIFO or hedging limitations. I actually have no limitations from my broker but I am running 2 EAs (all Crescendo pairs and all ReticoloFX EAs) plus manual trades on single real account. I check things regularly – several times per week to verify closed and open trades, to see how each EA is working, what portion of actual DD comes from which EA, what actual margin is being used by each EA and so on.”

“visible, positive impact for overall profit since the total number of open trades will be lower.”

“Andrea, Paolo – you did it again! A really good job. I highly recommend all your products, not just this one. Please keep up your efforts – I am really looking forward to additional things you develop.”

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