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O&O DiskImage 8 Pro Description

O&O DiskImage 8 pro is a completely software which assists users who are afraid of losing data on the hard disk. The application creates an image (full data copy) of HD and stores directly on a removable disk, so that in an emergency you have all of your secure and available to be put back on the hard disk data in minutes.

O&O DiskImage 8 only need two things: a place to save the image and click your mouse on the Start button. By doing so, the program takes care of creating the backup start automatically. Of course, the working time of the program will vary according to the performance of your computer, and mainly will depend on the size of the drive you are backing up.

O&O DiskImage 8 Pro Key Features

Backup entire PCs, individual drives, or files with the push of a button
Backups on a regular basis protect against data loss
Quick and easy restoration, even on a different hardware
Plug-and -play functionality
Create a boot medium directly from within the program

O&O DiskImage 8 Pro Review

O&O DiskImage Professional helps you protect the content of your disk by an exact copy that you can save to other media, whether a local or network hard disk or CD/DVD.

We can create an image from a unit incremental images that grow as we add more information or exact copies from disk to disk.

O&O DiskImage copies compress and encrypt them with password and secure algorithms such as AES (128, 192 and 256 bits).

The recovery process is just as easy. So, with a few steps O&O DiskImage will enable you to safeguard your data and save time by not having to reinstall again if you format your hard drive.

Compression and protect images with password
Allows you to mount images as a unit more
When creating the image verifies that everything is correct
incremental backups
Scheduled Tasks by date

It might be faster to make copies
Only allows an encryption algorithm

O&O DiskImage 8 Pro Sceenshot

O&O DiskImage 8 Pro Screenshot