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OtsAV DJ Pro Description




OtsAV DJ Silver $219.95 Only $208.95 Get It Now!
OtsAV DJ Pro $329.95 Only $313.45 Get It Now!

OtsAV DJ is a quality professional-grade audio DJ solution with automated fade mixing.

With all the DJ software out there this product was sure to make the grade. OtsAV DJ provides a DJ software package unlike any other. This DJ software program comes complete with intelligent Automated Fade-mixing, time-scaling deck sliders, professional dynamics processor and fast track finder, instant real-time response for all controls and Remote Access Control capabilities, which enable OtsAV DJ to stand out.

When mixing or DJing at a club, party or event, the last thing you want is to have to waste time finding the tracks you need or want. OAV emphasizes quality track listing and provides a welcome change to the industry.

Some users may feel neglected when it comes to the dual-deck interface design. With small and complex buttons, the user has a major learning curve with this software. This hinders the quality of the product in this market because a DJ doesn’t want to take too long to get the program to work for them. This makes the OAV product difficult to work with in any situation.

A benefit to this product is that OAV offers live scratching and a scratch sampler, which is totally awesome. This feature allows users to manipulate and embellish tracks with a virtual turntable. This feature provides an easy mixing and effects solution for the most experienced user or for the equipment challenged. Vinyl effects can also be recorded and compressed for easy exchange amongst DJ peers.

OAV also supports ASIO drivers, going way beyond the “no delay” claims of most DJ software programs and actually delivering.

OtsAV DJ Key Features

Intelligent Automated Fade-mixing
(Ots Labs IntelliFade TechnologyTM)
High quality time-scaling / tempo deck sliders (up to +/-100%)
(Ots Labs ClearScale TechnologyTM)
Professional broadcast dynamics processor
Ots Album file concept and album cover graphics handling
Powerful and fast search facility
Easy to use list management and layout
Instant reponse on all controls – no annoying latency
Save as Wave functionality.

OtsAV DJ Review

Making a very strong argument for itself, OtsAV DJ provides excellent audio quality restoring applications and places an emphasis on track listing and remote capabilities. There is much to be said about OtsAV DJ. However, the unfriendly interface design can hinder use and keep hidden the program’s potential.

Remote access controls from other computers that respond in real-time.

Big learning curve and small complex buttons to hinder the process.

OtsAV DJ Pro Sceenshot

OtsAV DJ Pro Screenshot