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Packmage CAD – 10 Box Templates Yearly License Description




Packmage CAD – full library yearly license $998.00 Only $798.40 Get It Now!

Packmage CAD is a free cardboard box template structural design software for corrugated and folding carton packaging. it has a rich carton box template library together with para2box, 3D, step and repeat modules which provides easy and cost effective cardboard box structural design.

With Packmage CAD drawing tool, users could import their carton box template drawings from autocad and other CAD software, after a few steps to define the 3D modeling, users could check the box template 3D blank sample and color sample in Packmage CAD software. Users also can draw new box templates or modify the existed box template in the library according to their requirements.

Packmage CAD software has changed the traditional packaging design process, the box templates library now has more than 420 carton box templates and the quantities updated continually according users requirements. Those carton box templates are classified by their structure, usage, material and presented with die line, 3D folding, unfolding and half folding status in the library which comprehensively display in front of users with intuitive image, users could easily find the carton box templates to meet their requirements.

Once the user chose the right carton box template, the structural design can be done in seconds by input the value of the length, width, depth of the cardboard box, the carton box structure can be checked with 3D blank sample, it is easy and fast. Packmage CAD software also offer texture feature for 3D color sample display, user can import the graphic design to match with the carton box structural design, with the 3D module, the carton box design can be HD displayed in each angles from inside to outside.

With step and repeat module, Packmage CAD software offers optimized automatically and manually step and repeat solutions for users to step and repeat single and multiple carton box templates. It also offers the useful information such as die line length, folding line length, box template area and paper utilization etc. to help user save cost.

Packmage CAD software offers flexible license fully based on the requirements of different users to help them save cost. Furthermore, it offers cost effective carton box template customization service if the user can not find box template from the library.

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