Paragon Drive Copy 14 Professional

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Paragon Drive Copy 14 Professional Description

Paragon Drive Copy allows you to make an identical copy of a hard drive to another, migrating not only the data but also on the same active applications, thanks to Hot Copy technology.

This technology allows you to pass data from one disk to another while keeping all your running applications, so as not to have significant delays in performance and startup again. You can migrate data and create backups of your partitions as quickly and simply as possible, with USB and FireWire drives external drive.

Paragon Drive Copy has an easy to understand interface and use, in addition to attending various tasks that facilitate cloning, backup and recovery partition.

Paragon Drive Copy 14 Professional Key Features

Migrate an existing system from MBR to GPT disk retained a new (hybrid) and gains access to the entire hard disk capacity.
Copy only system partitions and reserved system to a new solid state drive .
Automatically aligns partitions to improve performance of the unit.
Boasts compatibility with a wide range of hardware configurations with the option to add drivers for specific hardware on the fly.
Migrate existing systems and makes booting into a new hardware environment.
Copy a full or a separate resize a partition to copy hard disk partition.
Set a timetable for copy operations with new flexibility.
Migrates hard disk to another , dissimilar hardware or to a virtual machine.
Makes an existing Windows installation to different hardware boot.
The process of adding new drivers smooth and easy ago.
MS Virtual PC, VirtualBox , VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion.

Paragon Drive Copy 14 Professional Review

Who pay for the full version of Paragon Drive Copy should take home a great program to copy and move data from your computer, but the truth is that the limitations of the free version are immense. For a free solution, try taking a picture of your HD.

Its interface is quite user friendly and offers detailed explanations of each process. The activities take according to the processing capacity and the volume of information about your machine. Unfortunately we can only imagine what he is capable of.

Intuitive interface.
Quite explained.

Extremely limited free version.

Paragon Drive Copy 14 Professional Sceenshot

Paragon Drive Copy 14 Professional