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PC Services Optimizer Pro Description

PC Services Optimizer is a collection of resources to optimize the functioning of the operating system installed on your machine. It offers numerous tools, organized into specific menus, with some working in automatic mode to let Windows work better.

The program performs accurate diagnoses and also shows the use of disk space, RAM and processor too. When you start using the PC Optimizer Services, you respond to a brief questionnaire that you want to draw a profile of computer use, as this helps to find more customized solutions for your machine.

Then browse through the various options offered by this application and obtain accurate diagnoses, improve some functions, tasks and manage everything that is possible to enhance the operation of Windows.

PC Services Optimizer Pro Key Features

Automatic TuneUp tweaks your PC settings for best performance in an easy and safe way according to the way you use your computer.
Manual TuneUp gives you the power to optimize Windows services in an easy, safe and advanced way.
Gaming Mode will give your system an immediate performance boost.
PC Services Optimizer can save your services settings in profiles, enabling you to apply your different settings in seconds.
Services Manager enables advanced users to master Windows services including third party services.

PC Services Optimizer Pro Review

PC Services Optimizer is a very simple app to use, while saving several tools . It has features that may not be essential , but they give great help in time to let the operating system running better and more personalized way according to what you want .

Its interface is well organized and presents nothing really new , following a sort of standard for the genre programs . This is positive , anyway facilitates the setting of users who have had contact with other optimization software , then it is point in favor of PC Optimizer Services .

The level of customization here is another factor that sets this application because even allows the creation of multiple user profiles and also the definition of an initial profile based on the main characteristics of the system . Anyway , for that matter , PC Services Optimizer ensures you apply changes according to the purposes that will allow the machine .

A pity , though, that as competent as this application is accompanied by a number of others. During the installation of PC Services Optimizer , you need to be careful not to include any of the four extra programs that come bundled with the software , which creates an unnecessary inconvenience for the user .

Taking this detail – and also the fact that there is no translation for Portuguese – PC Services Optimizer does not leave anything to be desired : here are several handy tools and functions very welcome for those who want to leave your PC running smoothly.

Easy to use
Visually pleasing and organized
Variety of tools

Large number of extra programs offered during installation

PC Services Optimizer Pro Sceenshot

PC Services Optimizer Pro