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PDF Eraser PRO Description

The PDF is a file type that offers several advantages, and the fact that you can open documents that are saved in this format in numerous devices and computers is the main positive factors.

But as PDF standard can not be carried out changes to the files, at least in common documents and without the help of third parties software. The PDF Eraser is a service that proposes changes that can be made directly into PDF files.

The software is free and is entirely in English, but you can use it without problems thanks to icons representing the functions. When you open the PDF Eraser, you must enter the desired file to start the changes – just drag the file’s icon to the main window. After that, you can begin to realize the changes that are listed in the top menu.

How to use PDF Eraser

First, in the scissors icon, you can cut the pages and create PDF documents that are smaller than the original, only with leaves that interest you. Just click on the icon and select which page numbers you want to be cut, and then save the new document. The next option, you can rotate the text to all sides, if they are crooked.

After the rotation icon displays three images with rubbers of different sizes (small, medium and large). When selecting the rubbers, you can delete sections of the PDF file freely, whether lines, specific words or entire paragraphs. By clicking the “Undo”, the changes are automatically undone.

Second to last, you can add text boxes (if you want to replace the blanks or create new notes), being allowed to select the sources of lyrics and other details (bold, italic, underline, etc.). And lastly, you can choose to add images to texts, being allowed to resize them and place them anywhere in the file.

PDF Eraser Review

If you constantly view PDF files on your computer and want to change them in some way, or they are small changes, you can find in PDF Eraser a great helper software. It is a simple service and that is easily installed without adding any external services on your browser.

The software has a very simple and intuitive menu because despite being totally English is not difficult to use. As there are very clear icons representing the functions, you can be guided quietly among the functions that the PDF Eraser offers only by the images. Another plus is the high range of functions present here, as PDF files are very limited in the change aspect.

Here you can rotate them, delete whole sections or only a few words, insert images and new text boxes with sources you choose. If you’ve ever fumbled at the time to change small details of PDF files with the PDF Eraser you can make quick changes easily and efficiently.

lightweight software
uncomplicated menu
Several functions that work well

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PDF Eraser PRO