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PDF Postman Description

PDF Postman is the easiest way to send a secure message from Outlook. Nearly anyone on any computer or mobile device can receive a PDF Postman message without installing any special software. All they need is the password.

PDF Postman is an alternative to complex email encryption programs that may require exchanging public keys and certificates, installing special software or surrendering personal information during a registration process. Whether you are a small office/home office user, or a corporate professional with an experienced IT department behind you, you will appreciate the ease with which PDF Postman can be installed and used.

PDF Postman secures outbound email messages and file attachments using the Portable Document Format or PDF envelope. PDF Postman leverages the wide adoption of PDF Reader software, eliminating the need for special software on the recipient’s computer.

After PDF Postman is installed, you will notice some additional buttons have been added to Outlook’s new email message tool bar. These buttons allow you to have PDF Postman protect the entire email message (PDF Encrypt Email), protect only file attachments (PDF Encrypt Files), or convert file attachments into unprotected PDF files (PDF Files). Click on the option you wish to use, then send your email message as you normally would.

PDF Postman Key Features

Sending secure email messages in PDF format is simple for the recipient
PDF Postman is compatible with the encryption in major PDF viewer like as Adobe Reader
AES encryption is a standard approved by NIST for protecting US Government documents
Protects email and file attachments with strong AES-256 or AES-128 bit encryption
Recipients can extract file attachments and edit them after entering the password
Send encrypted messages to recipients on Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms, wherever PDF is supported
A simple way to deliver secure messages across device platforms
No complex certificates or private key exchanges, no special software for the recipient to download, no recurring subscription or re-authorization fees

PDF Postman Sceenshot

PDF Postman Screenshot