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PECompact is a utility of the genre known as “executable packers”. Executable packers compress executables and modules so that their physical size is considerably smaller than it originally was. At runtime, the module (executable) is decompressed and reconstructed in memory. With high-performance executable packers such as PECompact v2.x, decompression and reconstruction is so rapid that load time may actually improve since the time saved by reading fewer bytes from the disk or network may exceed the time spent reconstructing and decompressing the module.

Typically, PECompact2 compresses modules substantially better than that of the common compression software such as RAR and ZIP. This is accomplished through advanced techniques of pre-processing a module to make it more compressible when passed to the compression algorithm. PECompact2 allows use of virtually any compression algorithm due to its CODEC plug-in support. Included compression algorithms are listed here.

In addition to space savings, PECompact2 inherently makes it more difficult to reverse engineer your module(s). The compressed data is unreadable and not directly modifiable. PECompact2’s default loader employs some basic anti-debugging code to aid in prevention of reverse engineering. In addition, PECompact2 supports Loader plug-ins. Therefore, third parties can create custom loaders after purchasing the loader SDK.

PECompact Key Features

Compression second to none
Almost always compresses better than RAR, ZIP, and other archivers because it is targetted towards PEs and uses advanced code pre-processing
Interoperability second to none
Security products support PECompact, meaning your EXE contents can be scanned – necessary to avoid aiding the bad guys while keeping false positive rates near zero. We screen ALL our customers of PECompact these days, out of necessity. Use of PECompact on high profile applications like Google Desktops (and hundreds of others) helps ensure the security companies maintain good interoperability.
Extensibility like no other
Wow have we got a list of plug-ins for you! You can even create your own plug-ins, or your whole alternate loader with our Loader SDK (purchase separately)
Full Windows support across the board, from Windows 95 to Windows 7
We’ve kept up with Windows. All the latest features are supported in our compressor.
Full DEP support
Not only do we offer full DEP support by default, but we even have a loader that takes that one step further and doesn’t execute from any page not marked executable (DEP only checks if page is executable).
Overlay emulation
Our unique overlay emulation allows for compression of installers, SFX, and other type PE EXEs that can not normally be compressed.
Compress is YOUR way! We’ve got more settings than you’ll likely ever need.

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