Phoggi Cell Phone Monitoring Software

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Phoggi Cell Phone Monitoring Software Description

Phoggi is an extremely powerful cell phone monitoring application which is remarkably easy to use for anyone. Just install it on any phone once and you can use this invisible application to monitor anyone’s cell phone usage activities simply by logging into your online user area. Keep an eye on your children or check on your employees by using the numerous features of Phoggi.

Phoggi Cell Phone Monitoring Software Key Features

View Call History
Phoggi gets you instant access to the complete call records of your monitored smartphone. Put an end to your worries about concerning your kids or your employees.
View Contacts
Phoggi allows you access to the contact lists saved in the phonebook. View the contact’s name, number, and even other important details such as postal address, email address etc. saved against the contact’s entry.
View Bookmarks
With Phoggi, you can look at all the websites that they’ve set as bookmarks so you can get a real idea of the kind of stuff they use their phone’s web browser for.
View Appointments
Phoggi grants you with the ability to monitor all the calendar appointments saved on any mobile phone’s appointment scheduler and stay informed of any past, present or future activity or event to occur.
Read Sms
Phoggi helps you view all the sent and received SMS messages, even the ones that are deleted from the fear of getting a secret exposed.
View Browser History
Phoggi gives you the power to look at any mobile phone’s web browsing history and uncover the truth behind the mid-night web browsing of your kids or unnecessary time wasted by employees surfing during work hours.
Track Geo Location
Phoggi’s mobile tracking enables you to gain access to accurate GPS location of any mobile phone user at any time displayed on a map maintained in the secure web interface.
View Photos Taken
Phoggi allows you to view photos taken from the phone camera or downloaded into the phone’s picture gallery. No more secretly going through the phone for you; let Phoggi keep you up-to-date on your targets.
Remote Monitoring
Phoggi enables you to access the phone data remotely from any corner of the world. Simply login to your personal online user area and begin monitoring each and every aspect of the monitored mobile phone’s usage stats.

Phoggi Cell Phone Monitoring Software Sceenshot

Phoggi Cell Phone Monitoring Software Screenshot