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PhoneClean Pro for Windows – Family License Description




PhoneClean Pro for Windows – Personal License $29.99 Only $14.99 Get It Now!
PhoneClean Pro for Windows – Family License $59.99 Only $29.99 Get It Now!
PhoneClean Pro for Mac – Personal License $29.99 Only $14.99 Get It Now!
PhoneClean Pro for Mac – Family License $59.99 Only $29.99 Get It Now!

PhoneClean is a software whose purpose is to clear caches application, cookies and temporary files so that you have more space on your iOS device.

Eliminating such caches and temporary files, your gadget gets more memory to run applications, surf the internet and play heavy games. The PhoneClean the engine is able to dig all your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to not let any useless file to be stored .

Cleaning in three steps
Free up space on your iOS device with PhoneClean requires three steps. First, you must connect the gadget to the computer and run the software. Right now, you are informed about how much free space is on the device and click on ” Start Scan” to do an analysis of how much memory can be saved – if you want to keep offline application files, remember to tick the box ” I’d like to keep offline files”.

After the analysis, the PhoneClean list the files found and the amount of space they take up , and you can choose which of them should be deleted . Made to ” sieve “, just click ” Clean “.

PhoneClean Pro Review

Smartphones are increasingly powerful to perform various tasks, such as computers . Consequently, they store different useless as cookies and traces of application ( the iTunes , for example, generates files when a synchronization is not completed ). Therefore, this can be a very useful application.

PhoneClean an application is well done. The interface has nice colors and is easy to assimilate because, as the software only performs a function, there is no need to know where to click, even with the program being English secret.

PhoneClean was efficient, being able to release a good amount of space on your iOS device. Can not say with certainty that he will leave no file left and neither will he do miracles and release a lot of space, but it’s always good to do this type of cleaning, no matter how small, so it has its value.

For an application to be well made , small and easy to use, it is worth having the PhoneClean installed on your computer, after all, the habit of ending up with files that just take up space should be routine for any smartphone owner.

Well done
Simple interface and easy assimilation

Offers no settings

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