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PhoneRescue for Mac – Family License Description




PhoneRescue for Windows – personal license $49.99 Only $29.99 Get It Now!
PhoneRescue for Windows – family license $69.99 Only $41.99 Get It Now!
PhoneRescue for Mac – personal license $49.99 Only $29.99 Get It Now!
PhoneRescue for Mac – family license $69.99 Only $41.99 Get It Now!

PhoneRescue is a software that you can use to recover files that have been lost or inadvertently deleted in its iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

However, as warned in advance that this is a fully paid service ($ 49.99), and is only allowed to view the files rescued in Free mode – and not save them on your computer as a backup.

Knowing this, we list here some of the main features of PhoneRescue. He is able to run on Macs as on PCs, also recovering files from iTunes, in addition to iOS devices. In total there are 22 types of files from different applications that can recover PhoneRescue, such as Contacts, Call History, Text Messages, Notes, Reminders, History of Safari, Photos, Music, Videos, Playlists, among many others.

The items that are retrieved are divided into three main categories: personal data, media and data applications. As you can see in the image below, you can choose what items you want to recover by selecting them by the small green button. After that, you just need to click “Scan” and wait for the files to be displayed by PhoneRescue.

If you have a paid license, the items found will be copied to your computer without problems. Otherwise, they will be displayed in their entirety, but you will not have to save the retrieved documents to use free software. When you save the files found, you can choose the format of them on your PC (depending on category), such as TXT, HTML and CSV.

PhoneRescue for Mac & PC Review

If you are afraid of losing files from your iPhone or iPad, PhoneRescue is a software developed for you. With this service, you can retrieve the data from your various Apple devices and transporting them to the computer. However, this software is paid (and has a fairly hefty price tag!) And you can not use any of your resources if you do not pay for it.

Some software of its kind at least allow specific actions, even in the free versions. We have examples from the iOS KiwiG Data Recovery and iRefone – which are also alternative options if you want to recover files from your smartphone or tablet.

The benefits of high-value software, you can recover a real range of different files, which definitely is the main point of PhoneRescue. Are photos, text messages, history of Safari or links, among many other types of data can be found quietly here (even if we were deleting them for a long time).

The easy interface also helps the whole process, especially for explaining well what the roles and make clear all the existing possibilities for data recovery, whether in iOS devices or iTunes. Despite being entirely in English, it is not difficult to use thanks to the organization of the icons PhoneRescue. Another positive factor is that it is 100% compatible with Windows or Mac (something very useful for those who only have the iPhone as Apple product). If you’re willing to spend the value of the program, it promises to be very rewarding.

Easy to use.
Compatibility with Windows.
Recovery of different types of documents.


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PhoneRescue for Mac