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PhoneTrans Pro Description

One of the biggest complaints of those who have an iOS device is a huge complication in time to add or remove it files such as music and videos. And the reason for this is the fact of iTunes – the standard platform for interaction between your computer and device – does not have an exactly friendly interface.

If you are dissatisfied with the unnecessary complications brought by Apple program, PhoneTrans Pro can be a great solution. It serves as a replacement at the time of import or export files from your computer to iOS, bringing a simplified and easy to use interface.

Download a video or music into your mobile is extremely easy. All you need to do is click the “Import” button at the top bar of the screen , and select the desired file on your computer, or simply drag the item to the window PhoneTrans, so that synchronization is done automatically.

Adding own touches
By default, the iPhone is not enabled so you can add music files as ringtones. However, PhoneTrans Pro has a specific tool for these cases. Simply access the “Ringtones” tab of the program and use the “Import” function.

Remember that, for a touch is added correctly, you must add a music file in M4R format.

PhoneTrans Pro Review

PhoneTrans Pro quickly impresses with a gorgeous interface that is certainly its strongest. Here you will find only the necessary, but presented very well organized, with well explained which make it clear that the usefulness of each tool icons.

Still, there’s no avoiding comparisons between PhoneTrans and iTunes – after all, this app was created with the goal of being a substitute him. In this case, the answer is simple: PhoneTrans is good , but it is more than an alternative to a true replacement.

The fact is that this program can focus on greater simplicity, only focusing on being an easy software for anyone who wants to import and export data from iOS. The problem is that, instead, the application is not as complete as your competitor, being unable, for example, to modify information of a song.

However, his greatest weakness is by synchronizing files, compared to iTunes, is somewhat slow. In the tests , add a single song to an iPhone took almost 30 seconds – a task performed by a third time by its competitor. At least it seems that these delays are mitigated when transmitting multiple files, since when importing two songs at once, the wait has increased by just 15 seconds.

So the question you should ask before downloading this application is: “I just want something to pass information between my iOS ?”. If the answer is yes, this program definitely worth it, otherwise the PhoneTrans can still be useful, but will not be able to replace iTunes.

Nice interface
Easy to use
Allows you to add custom ringtones to iOS
Synchronizing files is slow
Not as complete as iTunes

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