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Photo Pos Pro Premium Version Description

Photo Editor like Photoshop usually offer great features for photo manipulation. The big problem is that for less experienced people, these tools are often complicated to use.

The Photo Pos Pro was created to this end. Besides being free, it offers only the essential features to edit your photos with quality and hassle free. The Photo Pos Pro allows you to correct details, add shine and make montages with your photos.

Photo Pos Pro Key Features

Support for scanners and digital cameras: import your images directly from these devices

Tools for editing and improving the image quality: with the tools offered by Photo Pos Pro, you can improve the quality of your photos using a variety of pre-defined filters. You can also change the resolution, orientation and even cut a piece of the picture.

Accurate editing: the Photo Pos Pro editing tools allow you to remove elements of photography taking care of the smallest detail. Wrinkles and pimples are removed with the press of a button.

Advanced text tools: add text to your images using different effects available in the program.

Layers and masks: as in Photoshop, Photo Pos Pro supports the use of these features to make your life easier when making assemblies.

All these combined features ensure the success of Photo Pos Pro. It’s definitely one of the best free software options out there.

Photo Pos Pro Review

The Photo Pos Pro is a good photo editor with tools that are worthy of software like Photoshop. One of its biggest advantages, for example, is the issue in layers. Any program that does this correctly deserves at least be tested, and this is the case: the layers work in a very similar way to what happens in Photoshop.

For example, it is possible to create masks for each layer, to soften or remove effects or make creative assemblies. Besides this function, another call enough attention: you can merge the layers and create special textures along with the filters, which can be done with Photoshop and Photo Pos Pro can simulate well.

These tools have, however, some limitations. Some PS blend modes are not present in this software, for example. Another problem is that the brush used to remove or apply the mask has soft edges, making it difficult to accuracy.

Filters and effects have a good quality and can be used to quietly leave your most beautiful picture – anything that can be compared to Photoshop, however. When speaking of a professional editor, it is very difficult to match the main Adobe software, but the Photo Pos Pro gets great results.

One point that is very disappointing is that there is a list of historical changes, as in Photoshop. This is very important when you want to go back a step well back. You can choose the maximum amount of change that can be undone using the Ctrl + Z, but there is no list, and this is lacking.

Easy to move to those familiar with Photoshop
Many effects and filters
Option of working with layers
Blending layers and masks
Simple tools to improve images

limited tools
There is a history list
The look could be more intuitive and organized

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Photo Pos Pro