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Photomizer 2 Description

Everyone has heard of the power of Photoshop, and how much can be done with it in a photo. However, what many do not remember is that manipulation of a photograph as it is taken in many magazines found in banking distance the result of a photo, almost turning the image into an illustration. Moreover, not every image that needs to be manipulated so.

For this shoot, we need at most a few tweaks, is that there Photomizer. Small patches of color, brightness, contrast and various other characteristics of the image can be adjusted easily through selection buttons and control bars.

With a friendly interface, the app makes use of dark colors in the areas of software command. This is done to increase the fidelity of image color, since other colors than those prevailing ashes in the program could mask defects in the photographs.

Photomizer 2 Key Features

Refocus fully automatic.
Automatic adjustment of hue
Retouch image through higher definition
Automatic object recognition: manipulates only the parts that help optimize the overall impression of image
Supported input formats: JPG, TIFF, BMP and RAW
Removing unwanted color casts
Elimination of fog and other weather influences
Fully automatic system for correcting the brightness/darkness
Fully automatic system for white balance
Fully automatic system for hue and saturation control
Manipulation of colors to get more cheerful images
Get photos of intensive color through the refocusing of matte colors
Fully automatic contrast optimization

Photomizer 2 Review

Undoubtedly, one of the editors of the easiest to use image already tested in download. Yet, all this simplicity comes at a cost, since the program is limited in application likely effects. Users or beginners to experts, the most effective feature of the program is certainly automatic optimization. For someone who is already used to treat images and optimize them, the limitations of Photomozier can be frustrating, while for the beginner, the quality of the processing done by the application is more than enough.

Extreme simplicity of use, with satisfactory results on the automated processing

Capacity filters and very limited effect, for simplicity of interface

Photomizer 2 Sceenshot

Photomizer 2