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Plato Photo Booth Description

Plato Photo Booth enable you easily create, edit, enhance, print, and manipulate your digital photos. It is a very professional and entertainment tool.

It is like a self adhesive sticker machine that you can take photo by yourself at home only if you have webcam.The pictures have different backgrounds(frames), for example, flowers or the ocean or funny characters such as Kitty or other animals.

People can change the photo style as they want by just selecting different frames from thousands of choises, so the result photos can be great to express their personality.And you also can add the base map ,edit photo brightness and others you like it in the image editor before you save it in your computer . If you have a printer,you also can print it out and then put it in wallet and share with your friends.

Plato Photo Booth Key Features

include kinds of background like ocean,flowers..
Add single frames by yourself..
edit the photos on your pc in the image editor.
add decorations to the photos.
add base pictures to the photos.combine the photos as you like.
capture and print out photos.

Plato Photo Booth Review

With Plato Photo Booth, you can take photos on your webcam and create small ‘stickers’ of them. You can select from a limited variety of backgrounds and themes, ranging from celebrities to animals and wildlife and apply these to your photo to create a fun effect.

You can also edit the brightness, contrast and other standard controls that you’d expect in a photo app. These include hue, sharpness, RGB color etc. Many of the controls open up new windows that allow you to manually adjust the effects giving you a high degree of control. Finally, Plato Photo Booth also supports printing of images.

Lots of photo editing features
Create “stickers” with your photos

Very basic interface
Backgrounds selection limited

Plato Photo Booth Sceenshot

Plato Photo Booth Screenshot