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PodTrans Pro Description

PodTrans is an application designed to enable manage your iPod without the need to have iTunes installed on your computer. In addition to allowing you to add music, videos and photos to the Apple device, the software also enables the transfer of content available on it to your computer.

For the application to work properly it is necessary that you have a compatible product connected to the computer. Otherwise, a screen that asks you to perform this procedure appears.

After reviewing the files present on your iPod, PodTrans allows you access via an iTunes-style interface. To facilitate the search process, the program has several filters responsible for distinguishing the different types of media present in the handset.

Transfer music from iPod to your PC
The software displays on the right side of the screen a list with the names of all the albums and musical artists present on your device. Just one click on any of them so that only the corresponding content is displayed on the screen , something that proves especially useful when transferring files to a computer.

Beyond simply saving media folders on your PC that you want, the program serves as a way for you to get rid of unwanted music and videos . Pay attention to the fact that, if you set your iPod to automatically sync with your machine , it can make you lose documents definitively.

PodTrans Pro Review

The PodTrans is an excellent option for those who own an iPod but do not like the features offered by iTunes . Through a well- organized and filtering different types of media interface, the program allows you to easily manage all the files present on the device that you own.

The main highlight is the option of transferring files directly from the gadget to the computer. Although they are not too well organized when they reach the machine, this makes Apple’s device gain characteristics beyond those planned by the manufacturer.

What disappoints is the fact that the PodTrans takes considerable time to start their activities. If you have a large collection of files, be prepared to wait several minutes while they are loaded by the program.

Organized interface
Transfer music from iPod to PC

Slow initial load time

PodTrans Pro Sceenshot

PodTrans Pro Screenshot