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POPcon PRO Description




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POPcon PRO $139.00 Only $118.15 Get It Now!

POPcon PRO™ connects your MS Exchange Server to your POP3 and IMAP mailboxes. It contains all of the features of the POPcon Standard version plus the antivirus, antispam and rule-based distribution functions.

POPcon PRO downloads the emails from POP3, POP3-SSL, IMAP and IMAP-SSL mailboxes and distributes them to exchange or domino mailboxes according to the recipient information found in the mail headers.

The software runs as a service under any Windows Server version (Windows 2012, 2008 (x32 or x64), 2003 (x32 or x64), 2000) or even Windows 7 or XP workstations and is compatible with Exchange 2013, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2000, Exchange 5.5, Exchange 4.5 as well as the SBS versions (2011 SBS, 2008 SBS, etc.) plus almost any SMTP mail server like Lotus Notes or Tobit David.

POPcon PRO checks each incoming email with its built-in antivirus scanner. Emails that contain viruses are encapsulated in a warning message and can be diverted to the postmaster. Antivirus signatures are automatically updated daily. POPcon PRO also includes anti-spam measures.

POPcon PRO Key Features

PRO-Version special Features
Antispam: Checks IP addresses in the headers of incoming emails against internet spam blacklist servers and filters email from known spam senders.
Archive function: Archives all downloaded emails into separate folder on the server. This function can be configured to create individual daily or monthly archive folders.
Built-in internal anti-virus engine – virus-scans every incoming email before relaying it to your exchange server. The virus scanner updates itself hourly or daily (user-selectable) by downloading new virus signatures from the internet.
Rule-based distribution – allows you to forward, send a copy, or delete an email if it meets user-configured conditions. Conditions can be strings to find in recipients, senders, subjects or the names of attachments.
Excel-importable detailed message log

PRO Version includes all POPcon standard features
Poll POP3, POP3-SSL, IMAP and IMAP-SSL mailboxes and forward mail to a single MS Exchange™ or Lotus Domino™ Server mailbox or distribute mail collected in a single catch-all mailbox to multiple MS Exchange Server™ mailboxes according to user the mail was sent to. POPcon analyses the mail header fields (TO:, CC, received .. for, X-RESENT-TO, etc.) and filters mail recipients for matches to pre-configured “allowed” domains.
Can be installed on same machine as MS Exchange Server™ – needs only one internet connection and at least one catch-all style mailbox to receive mail for the whole workgroup or company
Minimum download schedule interval: 1 minute. NEW: Now also 0 minutes (contiuous downloads) implemented! There is no problem if downloads take longer than the scheduled interval. In these cases POPcon will continue with the next mail cycle at the next full minute after ending the current one.
Automatically uses a configurable dial-up networking account to connect to and disconnect from the internet. Supports Routers and dedicated internet connections as well.
Monitor POPcon’s actions from any system in your network using the “POPcon Administrator” utility included with the software. Trigger mail retrieval at odd times or configure additional POP3 mailboxes to poll – all from your workstation.
POPcon ís installed as a service. The service is started at system start-up time without the need for a user to log in.

POPcon PRO Sceenshot

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