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PostworkShop 3 Description

PostworkShop 3 is the tool you need if you want to transform regular photos into genuine works of art. PostworkShop 3 offers many important features for any artist to use. This application has everything you would ever to need to create the most beautiful masterpieces imaginable. If you choose this application, we think you’ll be impressed with the freedom it gives you to create polished, professional-looking projects that will make you proud.

PostworkShop 3 Key Features

Natural Media Art Styles
Experiment with over 300 natural-looking styles and 100 presets under the categories of drawing, graphic arts, oil painting, watercolor, pencil sketch, acrylic painting, and photo effects to transform your image into a digital painting much faster than can be done manually.

Image ManipulationEnhance the input image’s brightness, saturation, rotation, scaling, etc. with our photo editor tool; ensuring the highest quality output. Preserve the quality of your image with the ability to specify the image DPI.

Image to Painting Tools
Customize the painting techniques and brushstrokes with the built-in brushes, import your own scanned brushes or add standard ABR brushes.

Layer Masks
Apply styles to specific sections of your photo for a creative edge: determine which areas your image will receive during the application of any style with the Layer Mask.

Enhanced Performance
Faster render engine takes advantage of your processor cores and memory to boost the speed of your day-to-day tasks and large image rendering.

Go Beyond the Digital Art Studio
Publish, share, or sell your unique oil painting, pencil drawing, abstract art style with your author name, website, copyright information, and commentary.

PostworkShop 3 Review

PostworkShop 3 provides all of the tools you need to create stunning freehand drawings, and it allows you to import photos and enjoy auto-painting capabilities. This digital painting software provides many of the basic features that you will find in most similar applications, such as the ability to customize colors, add surface textures, and resize and position your canvas.

PostworkShop is an excellent application for those who are looking for a variety of features and options. The easy-to-use interface makes this application ideal for people of all skill levels, and the high quality of the paintings gives PostworkShop an edge over many similar products.

Instant preview of the output picture as well as of the individual style applied puts you in total control of the project’s progress.
Style Editor is a great tool to view how the filters interact and for creating styles of your own, which can be organized in “User” category.
Importing styles, brushes and palettes extends the functionality of the application to new limits. The set of styles can be enriched with pieces created by you.

During our tests we experienced several crashes when trying to handle more complex chains of styles.

PostworkShop 3 Sceenshot

PostworkShop 3 Screenshot