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PowerFolder On-Premise Description




PowerFolder On-Premise $480.00 Only $456.00 Get It Now!
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PowerFolder is a software that synchronizes folders in internet or local network. The highlight of it is the use of technology “user to user” (peer-to-peer) to exchange files, making it easier, because you do not need from a hosting server. So all clients will have a copy of each folder.

The program can be used to exchange any type of file, such as music, photos, documents or videos. PowerFolder automatically detects changes and syncs with extremely open and free source code.

PowerFolder Key Features

Synchronize files and folders between multiple computers over the Internet or network.
The software supports multiple languages​​.
Provides private network and detects changes automatically.
Runs silently in the system tray (next to the Windows clock).
Contains installation and easy to use interface.
Synchronizes control accounts with folders and files using P2P technology.
Supports ID3 tag editing for MP3.
Have a small browser in Java.
It can perform compression of files sent and received.

PowerFolder Review

PowerFolder is an innovative way to share directories and files, either alone between two computers in a small local network or over the Internet.

It is an application that lets you share the folder that you want on your hard drive, publicly (free access) or private (invitation required by the owner of the folder). This way, you can share photos, videos and more with friends, synchronize data between two computers (eg home and work) and exchange large content easily.

The program uses P2P technology, so you do not need server, and has an intuitive interface that makes it very easy to use. Sets various synchronization modes limit the bandwidth use and is compatible across platforms.

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