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Professional Doxplore Description

Professional Doxplore is a productivity tool to manage digital information in form of documents, emails and images as well as improve efficiency by using multiple apps that serve as your virtual assistant. Locate your windows documents instantly Convert images into searchable assets Email archival solution with ability to apply multiple classification on email, enabling instant and timely location.

Set Reminders : Now create all your work related fixed date and recurring reminders and complete all your tasks in time.
NoteScraper : Build your stack of notes that are to be referenced later. It works like your post it notes and yet does not leave your desktop messy!!!
Digital Identities : Handy access to your online ID’s and registration in Doxplore. So no matter how many unique online identities you have, all of them will be a click away!

Professional Doxplore Key Features

Accelerate Productivity
Organize your documents, MS Outlook emails and images in a single location and ensure accelerated productivity with a streamlined experience.
Seamlessly work with multiple document formats.
One click preview of searched documents.
Manage job workflows using classification of documents, images and MS Outlook emails.
Professional Doxplore is simple to use although highly effective and so you can be up and running with minimal training.

Enhanced Capabilities
Do you remember how often we have been hassled by having to remember numerous online identities like online registrations, emails and such digital identities ??? With each identity having their own password rules, security questions its imperative to have such information handy. Professional Doxplore has just the solution for this professional need, it’s built-in Digital Identity management application.

Notescraper application aids you in your day to day professional tasks.
Copy something from your chat/emails or the Web and review later
Make your to do list.
No more scribbling notes and losing the pieces of paper. Just place your notes on Notescraper

Professionals need to keep track of various tasks on a periodic basis and any delay or missing out can cause a bad impact. Some tasks are within a specific time range and some are regular tasks. Handling multiple matters with differing frequency only compounds the issue. So it’s critical to have a tool like the reminder application of Professional Doxplore.
Link documents to reminder.
Monthly reminders on a fixed day.
Periodic reminders for every n’th day.
Reminders for specific weekdays.
and more…

Smart sync
Make changes to your documents even with Doxplore being inactive and be assured that all changes will be auto-synced when you login the next time.

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