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ProFx 2.0 is a semi-automated trading strategy for intraday and swing trading. It analyzes the foreign exchange market and provides precise entry and exit signals which are designed to generate maximum profit with minimal risk.

ProFx 2.0 Key Features

Stable profits
ProFx includes artificial intelligence. This technology will constantly monitor the Forex market and automatically adapt itself to real-time market conditions. This means that profits will remain stable in even the most fluctuating market conditions. This is one of the reasons why ProFx can return over 800 pips per month without a single losing month.

100% rule based trading – NO guesswork!
ProFx is a 100% rule based Forex trading strategy. It eliminates guesswork and finds precise trading signals which are designed to generate the highest levels of profit. It’s clear and easy to follow at all times.

Built-in E-Mail and SMS notification system
ProFx instantly alerts you to buying and selling opportunities using a range of notification methods. It provides on-screen signals and also sends alerts through E-Mail and SMS, so you always remain in control.

Can be used on all Forex majors and cross pairs
ProFx can be used on all Forex majors (EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, GBPUSD) and on currency cross pairs like EURGBP, USDCAD and other.

For intraday and swing trading during the EU and US session
ProFx can be used for intraday and swing trading during the European and the US trading session.

EASY to understand – EASY to use
ProFx makes everything as easy as possible. Simply buy and sell when ProFx recommends that you do so. The interface and built in alert system takes minutes to understand, and you could be trading like a professional currency trader within a day.

Free build updates
Our developing team continually works on improvements and new powerful features. As our customer you will receive all build updates for free.

Superior support
Whether you have a question or need help with the setup or the installation. Our support team is here to stand by and assist you through E-Mail, Live Chat and remote desktop connections.

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