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Ra Workshop is a software application for design and calculus for joinery from Thermoinsulating Aluminum, PVC and Wood. Through the modules it contains, Ra Workshop turns round the investment in a very short time frame. What makes us believe that? Products made in Ra Workshop are (aesthetically) the best on the market and gives the customer confidence in the company. The fact that the program can calculate the design and structure of any joinery. The accuracy and the presentation of the results. The fact that we are the only company on the Romanian market of software for thermoinsulating joinery which is Microsoft Certified Partner.

The confidence we have in Ra Workshop led us to be the first company (in the software market for thermoinsulating joinery) that offers through a contract 30 days guarantee the return of the product without the need for any justification. (30 Days Money Back Guarantee).
Pyramid Software will continue developing this product in the next years, until it will include the activity of the whole company. Many of the new features come from Ra Workshop users, which we thank and assure them of our support in the future still.

Ra Workshop New Features

A new window type is available: double tilt and turn window – two sash window with both sash tilt and turn. V cutting. Mullions can be configured to use V cutting instead of square cutting until now.

New parameter in profile definition: sash tolerance. A different sash tolerance for each side can be defined. In the previous version a profile system had only one sash tolerance. Now each sash can overwrite the main sash tolerance by defining its own tolerance. This feature is very useful when designing windows/doors with different profiles top, bottom, and left/right.

New parameter in profile definition: position. With this new parameter a profile can be configured to be used only on a certain part of the window/door (ex: bottom only). This means that we are now able to configure default profiles for each side of the window. This feature is very useful when designing windows/doors with different profiles top, bottom, left/right because starting from now you do not need to select manually the profiles. It will come up automatically, as defaults. You can also have different default vertical and horizontal mullions.

New report: Cutting labels. This report generates labels containing cutting, optimization and production information. The labels are highly configurable in size and the information you want to display. Just print the report on a self adhesive piece of paper and fix it to the cut profiles. New report: Product labels. This report generates label that can be attached to the finished product: window/door. The labels are highly configurable in size and the information you want to display.

New report: Shipment loading. Each element in the database can be defined by specifying also the weight. By this way, Ra Workshop is able to compute the total weight of each window/door. This report is very useful when loading the finished products into trucks and you want to know the total cargo weight. A new profile type was added: track cover. This profile is used to cover the rails on a track on a sliding window. This new feature will allow you to compute a profile that was impossible in the previous version.

SAP/ERP integration. All the materials inside the database can have an alias – an external code. Using the export tool the BOM can be sent to other applications.

The new version is available in 3 more languages: Italian, Persian (Farsi) and Chinese.

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