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Readiris Pro 14 for Mac Description

Have you ever heard of OCR programs? This is a particular type of application programs to recognize any written on a paper document through scanning the same information.

There are many applications that offer this type of function, but few are as fast and effective as Readiris.

Readiris Pro is able to scan any documents acknowledging the written text and transforming it into digital information. This way, you will not have to waste time transferring information from any printed page to the Mac.

The program scans in seconds the text and inserts it into your word processor that has predefined on your PC, but Microsoft Word is advised because Readiris is specially designed to be compatible with that processor. The information can also be stored in the clipboard or saved as an image.

Another interesting feature of Readiris is to extract information from a digital image.

Readiris Pro for Mac Ke Features

Spectacular Speed and Accuracy
Learning Fonts
Page Deskewing
Unique handprinted text recognition
Document layout :Intelligent Page Analysis
Text formatting
Table recognition
Extensive PDF support and creation
Convert image PDF into text PDF
Easy Handling of Multipage Documents
OCR Wizard: offers a semi-automatic way of recognizing documents

Eliminate those tasks manually retyping documents that consume hours using Readiris Pro. It converts handwritten documents, PDFs (even those who are marked as “read only”) and image files into fully editable text. The process is simple: just escaneire your document, open it with the application and export it automatically to the format used by your favorite application. It also retains the original formatting of your document and can reproduce it in Word, Excel and many others.

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Readiris 14 Pro