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Remo File Eraser Description

Just because a person deleted a file from your computer does not mean he can not be recovered: the deleted data are not normally visible only on disk. Therefore, it is possible that third party to use specialized software to bring back important data that you would like to hide from everyone.

Luckily, Remo File Eraser comes to prevent this possible. With it, you can delete the deleted data actually overwriting them with random codes that make the information impossible to be recovered.

Use it to it is extremely easy, just open the application, select the desired drive and click ” Erase free disc space”. By doing this, the software erases all data in the unused area of ​​the disk – where Windows hides files deleted by you.

It is important to remember that, by using a method of ” drastic ” cleaning, it takes some care to use Remo File Eraser. Otherwise, you might accidentally cause irreversible damage to your computer data damage.

Remo File Eraser Key Features

Permanent removal
Another interesting Remo File Eraser tool is the “Remove file ( s ) and folder ( s ).” Through it, you can delete files from your PC truth without just hiding them – just select the desired items and click the button to have the software into action.

Thorough cleaning
Need to get rid of all the data on a disc altogether? Do not worry because Remo File Eraser is prepared for it, thanks to its tool ” Wipe Drive “: just click on it and select the disk for the software to destroy all the files on the partition, making them unrecoverable, while.

Remo File Eraser Review

Remo File Eraser brings great potential since its interface. This is simple, well-organized, with icons that make it quite clear their uses. In a short time, using it becomes an extremely easy task, whatever the chosen function. Unfortunately, the qualities end there.

Regarding speed, Remo File Eraser was not exactly satisfactory, due to the huge time the process took, although this is something common in the genre programs. In tests, the application took several hours to complete cleaning a disc with about 400 GB free. During this period, it was practically impossible to use any software with the exception of him, due to his weight.

The constant advertisements that Remo File Eraser bring are another annoying piece of software. Whenever you try to use the functions of erasing files, a Web developer opens in your browser, which can be very annoying.

Having its limited testing only three days of use is another disadvantage of the large: with such a short duration is unlikely to see someone using the program more than once.

While it is a beautiful program and the slowness of the software is not so big, these factors together and advertisements of mainly short tests are Remo File Eraser an unattractive option. The best in this case is to choose options like PrivaZer, which are faster, more reliable and easier to use.

Nice interface
Easy to use

Cleaning process is slow

Remo File Eraser Sceenshot

Remo File Eraser