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Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition Description




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Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition $99.95 Only $79.96 Get It Now!
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Remo Recover is a tool that helps you recover lost files on your computer.

You can sift through each folder and subfolder of your hard drives and give the traces of deleted documents, but can still be accessed in any way. So you start the scan, and a few minutes, all the deleted files can still be recovered appear arranged in their proper directories.

Look one by one, identify what you want and continue with recovery. Before retrieving the file in fact, you can compress the data directly. So if you are trying to recover several large files at once, this function may become useful.

Recover files that you did not even know of the existence

It is important to remember that when you try to retrieve an item from your hard drive, you need to send it to another partition. Ie, you can not save it again in the same unit. So please have a flash drive, external hard drive or a separate partition on the same disk partition to perform the procedure.

In addition to general search files in paid version, you can filter documents by type. Ie, you can just scour image files, music and more.

Remo Recover Review

Remo Recover proved a fireplace files fast and efficient in our tests. The research process does not delay and deleted documents, each folder with items likely to recover show the size, making it clear that the data are still intact.

Otherwise, the program interface is quite beautiful. She is inspired by the new look of Windows 8 running it through a traditional window. The buttons and menus are well chosen that should facilitate handling sites.

The recovery process, however, proved somewhat tricky. In general search for files, all system folders are displayed, including that save documents and other temporary. Ie, is a veritable sea of folders, which should make your life harder time to find something that does not know where missing.

Other than that, when choosing the disk for recovery, one related to the size of the files to be retrieved problem was always shown. It was necessary to redo the entire selection of desired sometimes folders to retrieve a single image. Even so, we expect the paid version these difficulties are alleviated.

Taking this into account we can say that, in the free version, Remo Recover is a very basic tool and rendering some work for those who are dealing with it. Still, the results appear, and if you have no other choice but to recover your lost documents at this time, this may be a solution.

Rapid screening process
Beautiful and uncluttered interface

Difficulties to choose disk to output recovered files

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Remo Recover