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Renee Becca Description

Renee Becca is a totally free software that offers several functions of backup to the computer, as disk backup, automatic backup, backup of files and even resources for you to clean the HD.

Anyone who is afraid of losing important files can find Renee Backup a method to keep these documents always safe and secure.

As soon as you start the software, you can find two menus located on the horizontal and vertical lines of the interface. Users who are unfamiliar with such programs can find various tutorials that explain the step-by-step procedure of backups, file recovery, and clone the hard disk or partition.

When you click Backup, you can see the main functions of the program: backup of the hard disk, file or system. These same three options also appear in the HD data recovery and cloning menus. Already in the horizontal menu, it is allowed to find the calendar to schedule the automatic backups (and to define how often they should occur) and to use the disk manager or disk cleaner, guaranteeing greater PC performance.

If you lose an important file, it is not complicated to restore your computer to recover it with Renee Backup. Therefore, you should always keep your PC backups up to date to ensure that data is always available in case something goes wrong. The files saved here are protected by 256-bit AES encryption, so you can rest assured your documents will be well-kept.

Renee Becca Key Features

Stay on Optimum Perference
To improve the stability and working efficiency, Renee Becca will automatically check server and upgrade when started.

Restore without Windows
Unique Rescue CD which supports various PC systems can achieve restoring data without running Windows when system corrupts.

Multiple Backup Plans
Renee Becca supports backups of system/partition/hard drive/documents/disk, which will fulfill your different needs.

Support Volume Shadow Copy Technology (VSS)
You can still surf the Internet when Renee Becca is backing up your whole system.

Support Browsing Backup Image
Improve recovery efficiency by browsing inner documents of backup image.

Leading Backup Technology
Automatically analyze differences between sauce and backup documents. Becca will save disk space by backing up the differences.

Speedy Backup Algorithm
Advanced Algorithm can reach 3000MB per minutes, which will save your time.

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Renee Becca