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There’re always some accidents, for example, some important worksheets/photos/videos disappear? Don’t worry, no matter those important files are deleted by mistake, or erased after you cleaned recycle bin or formatted disk/storage, Renee Undeleter will help you to recover your important files immediately! It provides “Files recovery”, “Formatted recovery” and “Photo recovery” 3 main functions. “Files recovery” – Recover those files that are accidentally deleted in normal file system. “Formatted recovery” – Recover data from formatted partitions or corrupted drives. “Photo recovery” – Recover your photo(image files) as many as possible.

Besides the main functions, Renee Undeleter Data Recovery has lots of standout features that help you recover the lost files easily and safely. For example, file preview. Most of the file types can be previewed to estimate the possibility to recover. If you have a damaged drive, you can create a sector-to-sector-copy image file for an entire partition. Such image files can be loaded simply and processed like regular partition. Images are very useful if there is a risk of total data loss due to hardware malfunction. If bad blocks are constantly appearing on a hard drive, the only way to save the data is to immediately create an image of that drive. All data search, scan and recovery can be done from this image.

Renee Undeleter Key Features

Recycle Bin Data Recovery
Generally, deleted files are kept in Windows Recycle Bin, which are recoverable. But if the Recycle Bin is cleaned, how to recover those files deleted by accident? Renee Undeleter could help you find those files easily.

Memory Card Data Recovery
Since memory card is easy to use and carry, it is used widely now. However, data in memory card can be lost by accident for various reasons. Don’t worry, even if memory card has been formatted without any trace left, Renee Undeleter could still find them for you.

Support Formatted Data Recovery
If the whole disk has been formatted, can I recover those important documents? Don’t worry, provided that no large amount of new data has been written in, Renee Undeleter could still recover disk data, and restore the disk to its pre-formatting status.

Amazing Photo Recovery
Photo recovery has always been the strength of Renee Undeleter, supporting image preview of all formats, and achieved an effect of what you see being what you get.

Support Office Documents Preview
For technological reasons, after the data was recovered, some document information is missing, including file type, size and time etc., which reduces the data recovery rate. Renee Undeleter supports office document preview, which could greatly improve the recovery quality.

Support Quick Scan/Deep Scan Mode
Quick scan could find most files in several minutes, while deep scan could find more old files-certainly, it will also cost more scan time.

Automatic Upgrade to improve Data Recovery Success Rate
From Version 2013, Renee Undeleter can check the download server during startup, and update to the newest version, so as to improve data recovery rate of success.

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