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RewriterDemon Description

If you are looking for an easy to use article rewriter software to turn your article into hundreds of unique versions, then RewriterDemon is for you. You can build your own database of synonyms for your future usage.

The search engines will penalize sites with duplicate content. If you are using PLR articles or submitting the same articles to multiple sites, it is best to rewrite them thoroughly.

Rewriter Demon Key Features

Article Spinner
You can use spin your article into hundreds of unique versions using spinning syntax in the form of { | }. Multi level spinning such as {{|}|{|}} is also supported.

Synonyms Chooser
You can use RewriterDemon’s synonyms database to create spin syntax for words and phrases in your article.

Synonyms Identifier
You can identify all the words in your article that contain synonyms with a click of a button. This give you a quick glance of words that contain synonyms.

Mass Replace Synonyms
RewrtierDemon comes with a mass replace synonyms button that automatically create spin syntax to all the words/phrase that have synonyms.

Spin To Text Files
With RewriterDemon, you can spin your article into hundreds of unique versions and store them into .TXT files

Niche Synonyms Favorite
RewriterDemon allows you to group your synonyms into different set of niches.

As shown in the above example the word ‘training’ has different meaning in different niches.
With the use of different set of niche specific synonyms, you can now produce more readable spun articles.

Preview Spun Article
By clicking the button as shown, you can easily preview different versions of your spun article. This ensures that your spun articles are readable.

Synonyms Harvester
You can use the synonyms harvester to grow your synonyms database by using any spinnable articles that contains spin syntax {|}.

Simply paste your articles into RewriterDemon and all synonyms will be added into the database.

Protected Words
You can add words into the protected words section. Any protected words will not be replaced when using the synonyms replacer

Spin Syntax Error Detector
If your article contain spin syntax with missing or extra { }, you will be warned before you proceed to spin your article.

Categories Management
You can easily organize your articles into folders as shown.

Duplicate Content Scanner
RewriterDemon comes with a duplicate scanner to scan your folder for text files that contain duplicate content. You can move the duplicate text files to another folder.

RewriterDemon Sceenshot

RewriterDemon Screenshot