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The amount of e-books available on the Internet grows daily. However, creating a PDF file was very difficult, since it was necessary to purchase the official Adobe program in developing this type of document. As the converter tools from PDF to other formats, there are already several that allow you to use your scanner to group the images captured by him in one compilation, into a single file in PDF format.

The function of ScanPapyrus is precisely this. Simply place the document on your scanner and click the “Scan” button, the ScanPapyrus. Within seconds, an image of the document appears on the screen. The following is only from the addition to the other pages. You do not necessarily make the catch only texts. You can scan photos from your album and group them into one file named “Childhood album,” facilitating sending your photos to your friends, for example.

There is no need to capture the images already in the sequence in which they should remain in the final file. If you want to reorder each item, simply drag and drop them where you want them to be. When finished, simply click the “Burn” button, so the program start the conversion procedure.

Since the intent of the program is to allow you to use your scanner to capture images and convert them into PDF files, it was even expected that there was an option of adding files on the computer. However, it would be an extremely useful function if users could also choose images from the HDD to add to the final document.

ScanPapyrus Key Features

Automatic Scanning – Scan pages without turning away from the scanner! Need to scan 10, 20 or 100 pages of a document or a book? ScanPapyrus will help you with this routine. Just specify the time interval after which the program should start scanning the next page.

Book Scanning – Create high-quality electronic books twice as fast! No need to scan every page of the book separately anymore. Scan whole book spreads and ScanPapyrus will automatically split the image into two pages! One scan will get you two pages at once in your PDF or DjVu file!

Smart Image Processing – The smart automatic processing of images will allow you to increase the quality and speed of scanning. Placed a document on the scanner glass askew? Don’t worry, ScanPapyrus will deskew the image. Forgot to close the lid of the scanner? No problem, ScanPapyrus will remove the black areas along the edges of the document. Moreover, the program will increase sharpness, adjust contrast, crop unneeded margins and make the background color white instead of gray.

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