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Screen Anytime – Server Edition Description

Screen Anytime – Workstation Edition (15% OFF)
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Screen Anytime is a set of software which record computer operations into video log files. Aiming at such requirements in special industry, it provides a continuous, stable and long-term keeping solution. Details of operation in current or past time, on server or on workstation, will be presented to you with clear view sorted by time line, terminals and users. Based on our advanced SSCV2 technology, that is highly-compression, effective and stable during recording, you can record and keep logs of years (Typically, 4G/per month/per workstation). Centralized management and real-time monitor are also supported in Screen Anytime.

Screen Anytime Key Features

To record, manage, search and playback any visible operations of any user at any time
The video logs of computers include all screen changes, mouse movements and application title changing. (Note: It does not record keyboard, mail and so on contents involved the privacy). Managers can look for a log through Screen Anytime main program according to the time, the users and so on. And playback the content needed easily. For the important clips, self-play EXE or AVI format are supported to export it. By searching a substring of the application title, a special moment can be find quickly.

Support the multi-user log-in, and log-in through different ways.
Screen Anytime support multi-user system, video logs can be recorded separately when more than one user log-in at same time. If the users log-in through RDP/TS or some other remote controlling system, their operations can be recorded as well as log-in from local. This feature is important for recording server’s video log.

Support distributed or centralized management of log files
The video log in default will be saved and managed at the local, but it may also be set as the synchronization to the server to receive centralized management. Each server with the Screen Anytime server edition installed can accept synchronized requests from other 64 terminals at same time. The server is not limited to the same local network.

Support real-time monitoring
The distributable real-time monitoring tool allows the manager to look over the current running status on their own computer for 4 remote terminals. The server will check the authorizations before provide the list of terminal addresses to the tool.

Ability to configure filtration
Screen Anytime may record the log under specified conditions. These conditions include the time section, range of users and filtering according to the application titles (e.g. only record the assigned application).

The high compressibility and high efficiency
Do not worry about the file size of log. Based on the second generation of screen video compression technology (SSCV2), the compressed file size may be 2-3 times smaller than the similar technology. For example, to synchronize log files from 50 terminals to 1 server, suppose that those terminals operate for 8 hours a day, then the 1TB disk space may easily save for 3-6 month-long logs at least.

Screen Anytime – Server Edition Sceenshot

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