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SCREEN2SWF Description

SCREEN2SWF is fast and easy-to-use screen recorder creates instant demos, tutorials and presentations with the highest compression ratio in the world, by recording your desktop into files. (EXE, SWF*, AVI*).

SCREEN2SWF Key Features

Record screen activities on desktop.
Record mouse movement and clicking.
Record speech from microphone.
High speed screen recording. Capture up to 30 FPS with ‘Max’ mode!

Add text, image, annotation and mosaic into your recorded video.
Add zoom in, focus, fade in/out effects.
Add delay or cut clips.
replace/re-dub audio.

EXE self-play file and AVI file play screen records on any computer.
Flash movie (SWF,FLV file) . *(SCREEN2SWF only )
Best quality and Scalable settings for recording.
The screen recorder allows you to set quality from lossless true color mode to lossy grayscale mode, which helps to get best trade-off between quality and file-size.


SCREEN2SWF is a nice screen recording application that will enable you to create your own tutorials, guides, etc.

The program is very easy to use. Due to its wizard like interface you will create a tutorial in three simple steps. Firstly, you will need to select the region of recording, or the program will record the full screen by default, set the FPS number, choose whether you want audio to be recorded or not, and click on the Start Recording button.

The second step is the record editing. You will be able to add annotations, images, and mosaic to your record, as well as zoom in, and focus effects, and more. When adding an object (image, annotation, etc.), you can set the period of time it will be displayed, and fade in/out effect. Also, you will have a possibility, to cut the clip, add delay, and perform frame optimization.

Finally, you can save the file, by specifying the output quality, its name, description (optional), destination and format. The output formats supported are SWF, FLV, AVI, and EXE.

Unfortunately, SCREEN2SWF is not free, but you are offered to download its limited trial version to test the application for 60 days. However, the trial version stopped working for me after the first time use.

Easy to use.

Not free.

SCREEN2SWF Sceenshot

SCREEN2SWF Screenshot