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ScreenFlow 4 Description

ScreenFlow creates an all-in-one Flash video presentation, ready for easy upload straight to your website. The HTML, video and Flash player component are automatically created by this program in a single step. With this tool you can capture the contents of your entire desktop.

This application offers the possibility to publish your work directly to YouTube, access full range of elegant 2D & 3D transitions, record from desktop, a video camera, microphone and computer’s audio all at the same time, highlight using Callouts, insert freeze frames. It has elegant titling effects, powerful editing tools, keyboard shortcuts to make editing faster, and many more.

ScreenFlow 4 Key Features

Highest Quality Recording
ScreenFlow has the best screen capture available – even on Retina Displays.
Record Everything, Edit Later
ScreenFlow’s advanced algorithms only encode areas of change on your screen, so you can capture your entire screen with the highest quality and keep your file sizes low.

Once your screen capture is complete, you’re transported to the ScreenFlow editor. ScreenFlow lets you easily add zoom & pan effects, trim clips, add drop shadow & reflection, adjust audio levels, etc. The intuitive interface makes editing your screencast easy and intuitive, so you can focus on the creative work of telling your story.

ScreenFlow lets you share your screencast with the broadest audience to be viewed in any media player. ScreenFlow supports export to any QuickTime format, including H.264 MOV for playback in the Flash media player. It also supports direct export to Windows Media video with the Flip4Mac Windows Media component. The variety of export formats allows you to produce content for any user, regardless what media player they prefer.

ScreenFlow 4 Review

ScreenFlow is a very polished screencasting application, which records just about anything and gives you a huge amount of editing options afterwards.

ScreenFlow will record everything from your iSight camera to microphone audio or speaker audio enabling you to add crystal clear commentaries to your screencasts. ScreenFlow even monitors keystrokes and mouse movements, which is pretty clever. The app also has an excellent zoom function which allows you to add a touch of class and professionalism to your screencasts.

Lots of effects
Simultaneous recording
Powerful but simple editor
Huge number of improvements in latest version

No way to subtitle or add text to screencasts

ScreenFlow 4 Sceenshot

ScreenFlow Screenshot