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SiteVault Pro – Unlimited Website $299.00 Only $209.30 Get It Now!

SiteVault Pro is a handy and reliable application designed to back up CERAR websites and FTP accounts.

You have to manage all key sites in one application functions. You can back up files and databases together in one easy package incremental restore.

SiteVault Pro Key Features

Designed specifically for backup websites
Incremental backup of files and records from the database ( SQL)
It works as a background service
Well suited for backup server development
Great for keeping your code safe
Excellent for large projects
Able to browse and open files and tables in the backup
Access in Windows Explorer as a backup
Lets get the SQL dump and parts
Backup logical database ( keeps the SQL dump )
Flexible to include / exclude
Motor programming and Linux Cron internal
Intelligent engine cleaning will keep backups most relevant
Email notifications
It can be controlled via HTTP / HTTPS requests ( API documentation in progress)

Protocol Support and Coverage:
FTP (FTP servers Windows and Linux)
FTPS , FTPS ( E) ( implicit and explicit )
Local files and folders
MySQL (using PHP gateway )
Broad compatibility with FTP servers

Strength and stability:
Designed as a backup server
Copies of nuclear security, power failure test
Solid design with RDBMS
Easy to move to another computer (only 2 files for database backup profile )
Just limitations related files for Windows
Recovers and resumes itself in case of a critical error

Performance and limitations:
High yield using the alternate gateway FTP ( over 2 billion files scanned in less than 15 minutes)
Ideal for servers with lots of small files or slow FTPs
Tested up to 8 TB backup (can be larger )
Tested with over 4 million records
Baj CPU usage and memory, takes about 20 MB when idle
Motor quick cleaning old backups
579,324 10,195,089 files & records in 19:16 minutes ( incremental )
1078117 files 14:57 minutes ( incremental )

You can use SFTP , FTPS , FTPS (E )
You can use HTTPS for transfers Gateway
The gateways are protected backup on 2 redundant levels and contain no user name or password

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SiteVault Pro