SmartSerialMail – Small Business Edition

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SmartSerialMail – Small Business Edition Description

SmartSerialMail is designed to help you send emails to multiple recipients simultaneously. Mails can be sent using multiple connections simultaneously, which allows an optimal usage of your internet connection.

Each mail is send individually to its recipient, so that only one name appears in the To section: header of the message. Import your recipients lists from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel or ASCII. SmartSerialMail can directly connect to almost all kinds of databases.

SmartSerialMail supports HTML e-mail and text messages. All mail and recipient groups can be saved in the SmartSerialMail database, which allows easy and effective working with a large number of recipients. The new user interface is easy to use and helps you through the steps in sending mail merges.

With the email software SmartSerialMail you will be able to create informative newsletters, personalize serial letters, send group mailings or just inform your customers about news and special offers in a professional and creative way via electronic mail.

As known from regular serial letters the software is able to create personalized email for each single recipient from templates. This gives you the opportunity to go to each recipient of your newsletter or mailing personally by name.

SmartSerialMail Key Features

Different sender addresses and settings to easily manage numerous campaigns with multiple senders
Importing existing account settings MS Outlook
Simplified management of a large mailing list, complete control over your data (database connection possible within SQL Enterprise Edition) and a centralized point for collaborative editing of shipments
“Inclusion” and “exclusion” of recipients and blacklisting to simplify the management of data (for example, subscriptions and cancellations of your newsletter)
Importing lists of recipients from various file formats, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Vista Mail, Text / CSV, almost all known databases (via Microsoft ADO / ODBC)
Data already imported recipient are available at any time with a single click
Email Cc
Create designs and sophisticated full newsletter
Upload easily used in your mail with one click to your web server. The advantages are the reduction of the overall size of your newsletter, the ability to create and analyze usage statistics
The summary of the images used allows easy replacement with just a few clicks
Provides a convenient editing of used links and easy to use as click and follow the goals
Test your HTML email support for popular email clients such as MS Outlook, Google Mail or even smartphones
Disables SmartSerialMail HTML editor in order to protect your HTML source code against unwanted changes
The so-called “plain text parts” remain a member of the e-mail format. If necessary, SmartSerialMail integrates this part in your mail automatically
SmartSerialMail already contains placeholders parts of frequently used text (eg name/last name)
This allows you to individualize newsletter content for each recipient, for example, conditions if / then create ways to address gender-specific
Text modules for easy use of recurring content
Decrease the size of a newsletter and therefore accelerates the delivery
Showing an assessment of the probability of being classified as spam. So you can optimize your content and increase your rate of total surrender
Sending emails automatically in the background, even when SmartSerialMail is closed. A tray icon informs you about the current status
Delivery intervals (eg 20 emails every 5 minutes) save network resources and help meet any restrictions on ISP
To optimize the delivery and arrival time, time and date of shipment are free to choose for each shipment
Ability to send your email directly to the mail server entry of your recipients, without an email account
Provides comprehensive information on the distribution process
Synchronizing the delivery status: SmartSerialMail “remembers” the recipients of your emails to avoid double delivery
The email management integrated back helps keep your database up to date
Show special permitted or rejected emails for automatic subscriptions and cancellations

SmartSerialMail Review

SmartSerialMail is a tool for sending emails to many recipients simultaneously.

It can be used, for example, to carry out small mailing campaigns, as well as managing bulk allows us to manage recipient lists, blacklists and user profiles, schedule the phased sending emails, create and retouch customizable templates, etc.

SmartSerialMail supports integration with SMTP and POP3, and regardless of the options to control shipments also integrates an internal text editor with HTML support we have everything you need under one interface.

Finally, our data security is ensured by the ability to export to popular formats such as Excel, Outlook, or TXT.

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