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Soda PDF Professional Description

Soda PDF Standard (40% OFF)
List Price: $49.95 Now Price: $29.97 Save $19.98 (Get It Now)
Soda PDF Professional + OCR (40% OFF)
List Price: $99.95 Now Price: $59.97 Save $39.98 (Get It Now)

Soda PDF is a powerful PDF toolkit that allows you to read, create, convert, edit, review and secure PDF files.

Soda PDF comes in three editions: Standard, Professional, and Professional with OCR:

Soda PDF Standard gives you the most essential functions such as reading, creating, and basic PDF editing;

Soda PDF Professional gives you all the features of Soda PDF Standard plus allows you to use professional templates and create forms, automatically compare documents, encrypt PDF files and manage digital signatures, collaborate easily with annotation tools, extract pages of a PDF, split PDF documents into multiple smaller PDF files, etc.;

Soda PDF Professional + OCR gives you all the features of Soda PDF Professional plus allows you to turn scanned documents into editable & searchable PDF documents, reconstuct document structure and format your PDF, recognize text of an image.

Soda PDF Key Features

Read / 3D: Soda PDF can do that and much more while giving you the ability to view files in 3D and flip the pages like a real book.
Create: With the increasing popularity and use of the PDF file format, it is essential to have a solid PDF creator. PDF is the ideal format for emailing, printing and sharing documents.
Edit: With Soda PDF you can edit the content of a PDF like you would with a word processor. It’s that easy!
Merge: Why deal with a chaotic mess of multiple file types when working on a project when you can merge them all into one organized PDF document?
Convert: Sometimes you will need to transform a PDF file into another format and it’s crucial that it is done correctly. Soda PDF converts your PDF files quickly and accurately.
OCR: The greatest time saver since sliced bread! Use Soda PDF’s OCR technology to unlock the text contained in scanned documents or digital images for easy copying and editing.
Secure: Soda PDF offers powerful security features to ensure that your documents are safe and can only be viewed, printed or altered by people with permission.

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